Early Number Concepts and Counting

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Early Number Concepts and Counting by Mind Map: Early Number Concepts and Counting

1. counting objects

2. songs, chants, and stories that include numbers and counting

3. compare numbers and objects (fewer, same, more)

4. Big Ideas

4.1. recitation and memorisation of numbers

4.1.1. counting involves an unchanging sequence of numbers 1,2,3,4,5 and so on

4.1.2. students usually come to school with some idea of what numbers are, even if they don't understand what they mean

4.2. important to have students count and use number talk as much as possible

4.3. making connections between number quantity, name and symbol

4.4. place value

4.4.1. begin to understand when counting up to 10

4.5. operations

4.5.1. counting two groups of objects and seeing them as a whole is the beginning of using operations, such as addition

5. Models

5.1. number line (horizontal and vertical)

5.2. counting up with fingers

5.3. hundreds charts

5.4. develop finger pattern counting (using 5s and 10s)

5.5. speaking and writing 'teen' numbers

6. Strategies

6.1. touching objects as number increases

6.2. develop one to one correspondence between number and items

6.2.1. say 'one', touch one block, say 'two', touch two blocks etc

6.3. play games that incorporate counting

6.3.1. ex: hopscotch

7. count different items to see that they can be the same number

7.1. use different objects, 'There can be 3 bears. There can also be 3 chairs'