Shared OpenURL Router

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Shared OpenURL Router by Mind Map: Shared OpenURL Router

1. Data Release / Open Data

1.1. An aggregation of shared OpenURL router data for others to use

2. Data Capture

2.1. How to get data from others a) from their OpenURL Resolver logs? b) without being illegal?

3. Authentication and Tracking Users

3.1. How to create a system based on links within sessions that are meaningful enough for recommendations - many small clusters of links may not then link up

3.2. How long is a session to be able to analyhse activity data across that timescale?

3.3. How to identify "sessions" in a large body of data in the log for a) non-proxy data b) proxy-data

4. Scalability

4.1. Solutions to managing large amounts of data. (Well, not large compared to Physics!)

5. Algorithims

5.1. A recommender service prototype