Shared OpenURL Router

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Shared OpenURL Router by Mind Map: Shared OpenURL Router

1. Data Capture

1.1. How to get data from others a) from their OpenURL Resolver logs? b) without being illegal?

2. Algorithims

2.1. A recommender service prototype

3. Data Release / Open Data

3.1. An aggregation of shared OpenURL router data for others to use

4. Authentication and Tracking Users

4.1. How to create a system based on links within sessions that are meaningful enough for recommendations - many small clusters of links may not then link up

4.2. How long is a session to be able to analyhse activity data across that timescale?

4.3. How to identify "sessions" in a large body of data in the log for a) non-proxy data b) proxy-data

5. Scalability

5.1. Solutions to managing large amounts of data. (Well, not large compared to Physics!)