Death penalty

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Death penalty by Mind Map: Death penalty

1. MArcos

2. Under pressure to make a conviction

3. His wife was opposed to the hanging

4. Who wins when someone is hanged?

4.1. Is it a matter of "winning" or "losing"?

5. The Law

5.1. What is a balanced judgement?

5.2. "An eye for an eye"?

5.2.1. "Thou shalt not kill"

5.3. The law is made by people

5.3.1. People make mistakes

5.4. A fair judge?

6. Justice

6.1. Satisfying "the mob"

6.2. Miscarriage of justice

6.3. Balance?

6.4. Fairness?

6.4.1. Compassion?

6.4.2. It won't bring Miles back

6.5. Maturity

6.5.1. Craig was a fantasist Thought he was a gangster Only 16

6.5.2. Craig's mental stability was questionable The police are under huge pressure to make an arrest

6.6. The police and courts can't always be trusted to get it right

7. Mitigating Circumstances

7.1. "Let him have it"

7.1.1. Ambiguous

7.2. Mental age of 11

7.2.1. Easily led

7.3. Craig's desire for revenge

7.4. Craig led Bentley astray

7.5. Failure of the court process