MengZhongGlenden_5A2 ManagePeace

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MengZhongGlenden_5A2 ManagePeace by Mind Map: MengZhongGlenden_5A2 ManagePeace

1. Attempts to solve.

1.1. Mediation was held by the Arab League

1.1.1. Considered both a failure and success. Although prices were readjusted, and that the wartime debt was written off, Iraq still invaded Kuwait.

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3. Reasons for Iraq's invasion

3.1. Iraq's official reason, the Iraqi government claimed that the invasion was an act of request of the revolutionaries to free Kuwait from the ruling government.

3.2. Saddam Hussien's leadership, Saddam always saw himself as a capable and great leader. He saw Kuwait's refusals as a defiance and personal attack. In addition, he was afraid worried of uprising of Iraq on him.

3.3. Another reason that led to the invasion was the misreading the position of the US. Saddam believed that the Americans were sympathetic to Iraq's situation and felt encouraged to think that no consequences were waiting for him if he invaded Kuwait.

4. Reactions of the Invasion

4.1. An immediate reaction was the fear of Iraqi dominance. By invading Kuwait, Iraq became a superpower in the oil industry. Many countries like Saudi Arabia were afraid that Iraq would attack them too for their old and control their land.

4.2. Another reaction was the American response. Saudi Arabia was worried about the experienced army of Iraq and had officially invited the US to help defend the kingdom. Troops were sent to defend Saudi Arabia, and soon, Britain, France and members of the Arab League decided to join in the defence.

5. Impact of the conflict.

5.1. During the Iraqi occupation, more than 1,000 Kuwaiti civilians killed, and thousands were tortured. Museums, hospitals, shops and homes were also looted by the Iraqi soldiers.

5.2. Iraq's army was famous for its strength and power, an army of one million soldiers, yet was heavy taken out due to the external intervention. Large part of its infrastructures were also heavily damaged due to the attack from the US.

6. Transnational Terrorism

6.1. Transnational terrorism refers to the unlawful use of force or indiscriminate violence by internationally-linked groups against persons and propertises in many different parts of the world.

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7. what worsened the relationships of Iraq & Kuwait

7.1. Economic problems in Iraq due to the war with Iran, plunged its economy downwards. Much of the money that was borrowed was used to reconstruct the country, amounts of US$230 Billion.

7.2. Oil Production was seen as a way to pay back the debt Iraq had owed, through the sale of oil. However, OPEC decided to put quotas on it, limiting the sale/production of oil. Because of the quota, a lot of revenue was lost.

7.3. Dispute over territories also caused the decline in relationships. Rumaila oilfield and the Bubiyan and Warbah islands were the two main territories. These territories were important to Iraq for land for both oil refinery and for sea trading ports.

7.4. Historical background has also affected and caused conflict. Iraq and Kuwait were former British colonies and also under the Ottoman Empire. After Kuwait's independence, Iraq felt it was still part of its country.