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Module by Mind Map: Module

1. Search

1.1. "I want a module that does this"

1.2. I want to see projects of the author

1.3. no registration

1.4. just type in what you want

2. Relevance

2.1. Relevant text in project description

2.1.1. dont pick up individual words (project name is a word)

2.2. Usage count

2.3. Have been found useful before

2.4. Maintenance/health

2.5. Maintainer quality

2.6. Relevant text in reviews

2.7. no tags, no categorization

3. Search results

3.1. Project link

3.2. Rating

3.3. Simple

4. login yes/no?

4.1. no registration/signup

4.2. wtf for

5. ability to set core version (!)

6. return a recommendation solution (module sets!)

7. Statement of the problem (i want a SEO solution)