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BBC by Mind Map: BBC

1. close - why 3 is the only option

1.1. Unless you can Leverage this, it's eggs in one basket e2e monolithic clunky system - it needs to be creative and dynamic - meeting you at your door - as a company we represent a new model - part UK service levels - part german efficiency and part israeli startup

2. windup - where we are today

2.1. intro - ses backing - german efficiency UK service levels - israeli startup

2.2. all we need is speed, flexibility, low costs and the ability to run new commercial opportunities

2.3. why hasn't digital delivered?

2.4. because of how dev was handled - to mitigate risk and bring down costs require d scale and predictability

2.5. based on industry predictability

3. hurdle - the problem we are all facing

3.1. development is expensive and can be slow

3.2. to lower risk, vendors develop for the industry

3.3. if the industry aligns, then we can all use the same tools

3.4. neither if nor then

3.5. only stable, large scale processes achieve savings and simplification - and edge cases cost you

3.6. newer models and customer specific issues do not get solved

3.7. business transformation is blocked

4. hook - the added benefit

4.1. new company - so we know that we need to share risk - unless we transform your business we are not transforming ours

5. fine print - how we can make it happen

5.1. establish closer partnership - with full backing of SES/MX1 - POCs, workshops, refresh sums and custom dev/iteration and integration

6. vision - glimpse of a way over the hurdle

6.1. in a dynamic industry - you need dynamic solutions

6.2. you need scalable, automated systems

6.3. you need simple tools that will be adopted

6.4. you need bespoke models to meet you at your door

6.5. you need flexibility and speed

6.6. you need to be able to test new models

7. options - 2 options to 3rd way

7.1. scale and scope - numbers and solutions - Vu

7.2. simple tools - storage, compliance, loc wfs, playout - NBCU Turner Fox - what we can do - supply chains - and storage

7.3. Dev bespoke models - all can be tailored - + AFP, MG, IPL - what we can do IMF

7.4. Agnostic - XTRMX - what we can do edit villages

7.5. Service - iterate DADC - Royal Wedding