Aligning Projects with Business Strategy

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Aligning Projects with Business Strategy by Mind Map: Aligning Projects with Business Strategy

1. Strategic, tactical and operational

1.1. Strategic Perspective

1.1.1. Which market sector will we aim for?

1.1.2. Strategic changes cascade down through tactics and into operations through, you guessed it, projects

1.2. Tactical Perspective

1.2.1. Preparing for future needs

1.2.2. Increase number of employees to cope with workload

1.3. Operational

1.3.1. Day-to-day business of running an organization

1.3.2. Ordering materials from suppliers

2. Define the goals of your project

2.1. What impact will it make on the organization?

2.2. Which goals are more credibility and more significance to the organization?

2.3. The goal is to increase market share? Is the project a good investment?

3. Define the benefits of your project

3.1. define the benefits that our project will provide to a variety of stakeholders

3.2. Financial benefits to an organization

3.2.1. Lower Costs More efficient workforce Streamlined operations Reduce Waste

3.2.2. Increases Revenue Bring in new customers Increase existing customer charges

3.2.3. Cost Avoidance Providing alternatives to paying fees

3.2.4. . strategic rather than being tactical or operational. Beyond the financial aspects, there are many other ways that projects can provide benefits.

4. Process improvement

4.1. Continuous process improvement in organizations

4.1.1. Six Sigma Increase predictability to reduce defects define, measure, analyze, improve and control

4.1.2. Lean reducing waste. Just in time, and in just the right quantity.

4.1.3. Theory of Constraints Every process has a bottleneck

5. Align scope, Schedule and budget

5.1. There's a reason that you're doing the project in the first place. Project delays can lead to major problems, from disappointed customers to penalties and even lawsuits.

5.2. Projects are dynamic, and you'll have to be flexible in order manage changes effectively.

6. Define the risks of your project

6.1. Risk [PMI] is an uncertain event or condition that if it occurs has a positive or negative effect on a project's objectives but for most practical purposes, a risk is something that could go wrong.

7. Why Projects matter?

7.1. Projects are really the link between business strategy and execution

7.2. Projects are the way that organizations implement strategy

8. What does it really take to be a good project manager?!

8.1. The Talent Triangle

8.1.1. Technical Project Management Master the use of Gantt charts, understand the importance of the critical path, and speak with authority about wbs and risk assessments

8.1.2. Leadership How you to motivate people to work effectively towards your goals?

8.1.3. Strategic and Business Managment Involves learning how organizations work and why they do what they do For a PM understand the decision that their leaders make and to make good decisions of their own, they need to possess strong BUSINESS ACUMEN


9.1. Aligning Projects with Business Strategy

9.1.1. Strategic, tactical and operational

9.1.2. Projects

9.1.3. Risks

9.1.4. Goals

9.1.5. Benefits

9.1.6. Scope, Schedule and budget

9.1.7. Process improvement

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