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Disney by Mind Map: Disney

1. Beginning (What is)

1.1. I have been in school for architecture for three years and have now started my journey in Graphic Design.

1.2. In the Graphic Design field, working for Disney, I would like to be someone who is in Product Designs.

1.2.1. Designing Products could be either online media or gift ship items such as souvenirs.

1.3. I have now gone to 4 different schools. So I have experience with many different instructors and techniques in designing.

1.3.1. I am on this current path because I have an interest in art and design. I find it fascinating to see the works of art Disney produces in their parks and media.

1.3.2. I would be an asset to the Disney Team because out of the 1,700 Imagineers, I'm sure my designs and thoughts would be different than anyone else's on the team.

1.4. Product Design job listing

1.4.1. "DCPI is seeking a talented and motivated Interaction Designer. This individual will be joining a cross-functional team to build multimedia mobile products, such as DisneyLife"

1.4.2. Salary: base $58,000

1.4.3. Software Knowledge Invision Sketch Photoshop After Effects Framer JIRA Keynote

1.4.4. Qualifications Three years experience Knowledge of software used Skills in presentation and interpersonal relations

2. Middle (What Could Be)

2.1. During my time at Full Sail University, I will be learning many different techniques along with the ones I already am fortunate to have learned at my other schools.

2.2. Some classes that I will be taking at Full Sail that will help me in the future, but are not limited to:

2.2.1. Design and Art Theory Understanding composition, art, basic color, and graphics through history.

2.2.2. Graphic Principals 1 and 2 Learning programs which are necessary for design, animation, and media companies around the world.

2.2.3. Color Theory How to use colors appropriately on the screen and off the screen to get a well printed final product. Also teaches color correction.

2.2.4. Page Layout How to successfully lay out your material so that consumer can visually and practically take the materials in easier.

2.2.5. Digital Studio Starting to create client based campaigns which focus on art techniques.

2.2.6. Concepts in Advertising Exploring advertising and forming media campaigns.

2.3. I plan to use these various skills to help me accomplish my dreams of working for Disney.

2.3.1. Disney is very graphically and visually appealing to its customer base, especially since children are a major focus in many Disney products and places.

2.3.2. Getting a degree in Graphic Design will help me follow my dreams to Disney because there are many different kinds of Imagineers and so many different kinds of graphics which Disney uses around their parks, hotels, gift shops, websites, and more.

3. End (Call to Action)

3.1. Once I have finished my classes at Full Sail University, I would be a helpful, creative asset.

3.2. Being design oriented as a child; after schooling, and knowledge of software used by Disney, I will be capable of accomplishing many graphically pleasing visuals for the consumers, and the industry.

4. Target Audience

4.1. CEO of Disney

4.2. Other current Imagineers

4.2.1. Relationship: Learning through each other. If the other imagineers see potential in me, then we can bounce ideas off of each other.

4.3. Interview Committee

4.3.1. Showing the interview panel what I have to offer and that I would be a good fit through all the imagination I have to offer.

5. True Message

5.1. Imagineers are "creative workers that imagine, design, and build all of Disney Theme Parks, resorts, attractions, and cruise ships worldwide.

5.2. Working for Disney would be a life altering job because of the amount of imagination you are allowed to put into the designs.

5.2.1. When Imagineers can not find the technology they need to complete a project, they invent it themselves.

5.3. I hope to one day, be able to job the Disney workforce, and contribute to the creativity that they display everyday.

6. STAR Moment

6.1. Graphics can paint a picture

6.1.1. I can remember taking my first trip to Disney with my family.

6.1.2. As I entered into a world of imagination and "anything goes", the park was so aesthetically pleasing.

6.1.3. Many graphics caught my attention, but the greatest one was the story that the image I was seeing was telling me. While in Tomorrowland, I saw a poster for the ride "Space Mountain". Hearing the name, it didn't spark my attention because it didn't mention Mickey and space doesn't interest me very much either. Visually seeing the poster, it presented a graphic that looked like it was moving. It made you want to venture inside the mountain to see what it looked like on the inside. The astronaut displayed in his space craft looked like he was coming towards you! He looked like he was going so fast he was going to come off the page. It was this STAR MOMENT, that made me realize how much influence a visual graphic can have on the mind.