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5 Steps to Becoming a Strategic Project Manager by Mind Map: 5 Steps to Becoming a Strategic Project Manager
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5 Steps to Becoming a Strategic Project Manager

1. Change how you think about projects.

Project managers must stop thinking of projects in a transactional sense, and begin thinking like upper-level managers.

They have to extend their core leadership skills and start building data communi-cation skills.

2. Invest the time in understanding organizational financials.

The impact to the bottom line involves:

lead generation

client loyalty

up-sell opportunities



3. Go negative

There are projects that seem beneficial because they generate revenue, but once you dig into the nitty-gritty details, they don't look so good.

Is there a way to change the specifics of the under-performing project so it doesn't drag you under?

4. Make the role of project manager a go-to position in your organization.

The strategic PM can also act as an early warning system for:


service teams

5. Make the board aware of you and your strategic importance.

You will need to communicate your strategic value.

The completion of every project and the reports it generates is an opportunity for you to highlight your strategic value.