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Zoomshift by Mind Map: Zoomshift

1. Responsibilities after we go live

1.1. Undecided

1.2. Henri

1.2.1. Update schedule every day Correct yesterdays shifts Update upcoming shifts Handle shift swaps

1.2.2. Update car numbers and areas (positions and locations in Zoomshift)

1.2.3. Add and onboard new staff

1.2.4. Remove old staff

1.2.5. Staff support

1.3. Valter

1.3.1. Control that is all correct

1.4. Sebastian

2. Mixed

2.1. Will all field staff be in Zoomshift?

2.1.1. Yes

2.2. Will we use shift pick ups?

2.3. Will we use hourly payed staff?

2.4. Shift reminders

2.4.1. How long before the shift? 4h?

2.5. We need to create a simple tutorial on KA staff for new staff to get started

3. Todays agenda

3.1. Is all prepared in Zoomshift

3.1.1. Employees

3.1.2. Car numbers and areas

3.1.3. Positions

3.2. Tutorial at KA Staff

3.3. Time offs

3.3.1. Wait with this one

3.4. Test group

3.4.1. Who? Jasmin Valter Danila

3.4.2. Are they informed and educated?

3.5. When do we go live?

3.5.1. Tuesday or Wednesday?

3.6. Sebastian

3.6.1. No push when deleting a shift

4. Features

4.1. Push notifications