The UK in the wider world

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The UK in the wider world by Mind Map: The UK in the wider world

1. Culture

1.1. Used to describe values/beliefs of a society

1.1.1. Writing

1.1.2. Painting

1.1.3. Creativity Fashion Architecture Music

1.2. Lots of stuff brought over by immigrants from other cultures

1.2.1. Food Indian, Thai

1.2.2. Fashion Italy, France

1.2.3. Music Africa, America

1.2.4. Films India

1.2.5. Festivals Brazil

1.3. Television

1.3.1. UK's successful media export

1.3.2. 2013-4 1.2 billion export earning

1.3.3. Main markets U.S.A 47% Australia New Zealand

1.3.4. China's market rapid growth Increase by 40% from last year

2. Europe

2.1. How does the EU affect the UK

2.1.1. Financial support EU's Common Agricultural Pollicy Helps pay farmers in Wales+England

2.1.2. EU laws and control on crime+pollution EU decides on laws for crime

2.1.3. UK helps support poorer member countries Is obliged to pay money to help

2.1.4. Migration of workers to the UK High unemployment+low wages people need jobs to survive 40% of the UK's total immigrants

2.1.5. Encourages trade Biggest single market in the world

2.1.6. Support for disadvantage regions of the UK Such as fishiries

2.2. 1973 Member of the EU

2.2.1. Important trading group

2.2.2. The capital Brussels Making laws which affect the UK

2.2.3. Brexit!

3. UK a member of the common wealth

3.1. 53 countries, voluntarily, once British colonies

3.2. 2.2 billion people,

3.3. 31 of its members are small states+islands

3.4. Common Wealth Secretariat

3.4.1. Advice on range of issues Human rights Social development Economic development Youth empowerment

3.4.2. Helps governments achieve sustainable, development Heads of countries meet up every 2 years

3.5. Important trading+cultural links

3.5.1. Common wealth games every 4 years

4. Trade

4.1. Movement of goods across the world

4.1.1. Air

4.1.2. Sea

4.1.3. Road

4.1.4. Rail

4.2. Internet important

4.2.1. Finance

4.2.2. Communication

4.2.3. Creative industry

4.3. Trading partners

4.3.1. U.S Historic partner in trade Growth in trade with China

5. Electronic communication

5.1. Internet traffic passes along submarine cables

5.1.1. The UK is a focus for these submarine cables

5.2. Electronic communication is a vital part of the global economy

5.2.1. Fast and reliable connections are essential

5.3. Artic Fibre

5.3.1. The first cables between London and Tokyo Linking Europe and Asia Distance of 15000km