JSHeroes 2017

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JSHeroes 2017 by Mind Map: JSHeroes 2017

1. NGO

1.1. NGO opening / registration

1.2. Accountant

1.3. Bank Account

2. Tickets

2.1. The Early Bird Ticket, 99 euros

2.2. The Reasonably Early Bird Ticket, 109 euros

2.3. The Late Bird Ticket, 139 euros

2.4. The Regular Conference Ticket, 169 euros

2.5. The Diversity Support Ticket, 198 euros

2.5.1. Pays for 2 Early Bird Tickets: one for the buyer and another for a JS enthusiast who couldn't afford the ticket, selected via our Diversity Tickets application

2.6. Diversity Tickets, 0 euros

2.6.1. for 3 JS enthusiasts who couldn't afford the ticket, selected via our Diversity Tickets application

2.7. Discounted Tickets 20% Off

2.7.1. for Communities other than Cluj

2.7.2. for Partners

2.8. Invitations

2.8.1. for Sponsors

2.8.2. for Partners

2.9. Special offers

2.9.1. for Sponsors: all tickets bought for The Early Bird Ticket price, 99 euros

2.10. ..

2.11. ticket bought

2.11.1. through Ti.to do they need an invoice?

2.11.2. through Invoice

3. Venue

3.1. Organise the space

3.1.1. Conference Room

3.1.2. Entrance Community Area Node Corner Angular Corner React Corner Community Corner Giveaways Corner Registration Instaframe Coffee and pastries space Icecream space

3.2. Food

3.2.1. also for vegetarians and vegans

3.3. Details

3.3.1. To check: the Sli.do account create music playlists

3.3.2. To bring or to have: microphone headset projectors extra seats (+10%) stage for speakers all kinds of cables for projecting from any laptop music playlist for the coffee breaks including Romanian music stage for the video crew, in the back of the room speakers electricity cables beanbags all the conference promo stuff all the sponsors' promo stuff

4. Communication

4.1. Create concept / State of Mind: "Open-Source Community Event", purely technical

4.1.1. Communication Channels Emails Participants others :) Labels and channels review naming usernames hashtags emails Cloud for information storage all visuals all checklists all templates all meeting notes and tasks Other Channels Social Media GitHub YouTube Medium MeetUp Email notifications Official Website Conference info Tickets Other tech events websites the tickets admin website (Ti.to) Tech events worldwide JS events worldwide Local events GitHub lists of JS conferences Medium articles about JS conferences DiversityTickets.org our Partners and our Sponsors Their social media Their Newsletters Their teams/people Our network Our Community Other Communities | our "Ambassadors" Our Conference Speakers Our Colleagues Our Former Colleagues :) Some of our (Work) Clients Other speakers we met at different events Other similar event organisers Each of us And our families and friends :) The network we create now New Communities | our "Ambassadors" Sponsors, partners Our participants The network of our network Evangelists JS evangelists Community evangelists Other conferences CodeCamp DevTalks JSConf family of events - website Online Publications Smashing Magazine JS News pages/ JS fan pages/ JS dailies, JS digests

4.1.2. Communication Content Designer Visuals list Logo JSHeroes Online Print Storytelling / HTML / text / "Copy" for: Website info Social Media posts about: Articles Photos & Videos videos photos Music playlist for Coffee Breaks songs for the Intro + Aftermovie designing the Conference venue feng-shui

4.1.3. Pay attention to & Set up Website Ongoing development and updating SEO Google Analytics How the website link loads on social media - according to each milestone/news Website load time Server response time Website responsiveness on different devices Cross-browser optimisation simple design and beautiful User Experience Google Ad Words Social Media Pages/ group settings

5. Budget

5.1. Income

5.1.1. Tickets

5.1.2. Sponsorships Official sponsors Implicit sponsors Companies where our Speakers work, that supported their travel and accommodation costs

5.1.3. Pro Bono work of the organizing team

5.1.4. Fundraising activities

5.2. Outcome

5.2.1. Venue

5.2.2. Lunch and Coffee breaks

5.2.3. Speakers Travel Accomodation Food

5.2.4. Promo online Facebook ads and boosted posts offline prints lanyrds t-shirts cups instaframe volumetric letters Foto & Video services

5.2.5. Fees PayPal Ti.to Bank accountant Sli.do

5.2.6. Local mobility costs

6. People (the most important categories of Stakeholders)

6.1. Communities

6.1.1. Contact and communication through Meetup Facebook Twitter Linkedin

6.1.2. Follow-up with each contacted community, post event

6.1.3. Add the logos of helpful communities, on the Conference website

6.2. Sponsors

6.2.1. Call for Sponsors email networking

6.2.2. Sponsorship package (brochure) Single sponsorship offer Checklist Thank you sponsors before after

6.3. Partners

6.4. Organising Team

6.4.1. Communication with Speakers

6.4.2. Invoicing and bank transfers

6.4.3. Financial overview | Budget keeper

6.4.4. Accounting

6.4.5. Travel for speakers

6.4.6. Sponsorships & partnerships

6.4.7. Marketing and Community partnerships

6.4.8. Communications and linking all information

6.4.9. Design

6.4.10. Website development & constant updating

6.4.11. Photos & Videos

6.4.12. Volunteers management

6.4.13. Venue, food

6.4.14. The manager

6.4.15. The overall leader

6.5. Volunteers

6.5.1. Call for Volunteers

6.5.2. Tasks Take care of projecting the "thank you sponsors" image during the breaks Music during the coffee breaks Help the photo&video crew Registration Take care of the Community Area (Technical corners and the Community corner) Take care of the merchandise corner & giveaways corner In charge of the coffee breaks - make sure there is enough coffee, water Time-tracking for speakers - during the talks

6.5.3. Thank you volunteers: message, cups, T-Shirts

6.6. Speakers

6.6.1. Selection Call for Speakers Invitations through our own networking through our (already confirmed) speakers' networking Twitter other community conferences evangelists and organisers

6.6.2. Checklist Talk submitted in the Call for Papers form Confirmation email sent Is their partner joining them? Could their company sponsor their trip to JSHeroes? Speaker spotlight on Website Social Media Find out Travel details Find travel options, confirm with speakers, book travel Prepare paperwork for their visa, if needed Book the accomodation Get a preview / teaser for their talk - as a video, to help promote the conference Any food restrictions? Any time restrictions for their talk? (criteria: personal, flights) If possible, get their presentations before making the agenda Create agenda, send draft, get confirmations that the timing is good for each talk, then publish Are they joining a technical corner during the breaks? Create a communication group on Slack/Twitter Do they need something in particular? eg. a SIM for Internet Follow-up ;)

6.7. Participants

6.7.1. confirmation for the ticket bought } email

6.7.2. teaser / general info } newsletter

6.7.3. pre-event info } newsletter

6.7.4. thank you } email

6.7.5. uploaded photos & talk videos } email

7. Agenda

7.1. "Meet the Heroes:" Meetup, Day 0

7.2. Conference schedule, Day 1 and Day 2

7.2.1. Talks

7.2.2. Breaks Lunch Coffee and Pastries

7.2.3. Community Area Angular Corner React Corner Node Corner Community Corner including the conference merchandise

7.2.4. Sponsors Giveaways

7.3. Speakers' Dinner, Day 1

7.3.1. location

7.3.2. menu, food restrictions

7.4. Party, Day 2

7.4.1. location

7.4.2. free entry vouchers

7.5. Visit Romania - Trip with the Speakers, Day3

7.5.1. plan A for a sunny day

7.5.2. plan B for a rainy day

8. Tools

8.1. Tickets

8.1.1. Ti.to

8.1.2. we also tried (and dropped) EventBrite

8.2. Q&A during the event

8.2.1. Sli.do

8.3. Notifications during event

8.3.1. Onyx Beacons

8.4. Social media

8.4.1. Facebook page

8.4.2. Twitter

8.4.3. Linkedin

8.5. Facebook group

8.6. YouTube

8.7. Medium

8.8. GitHub

8.9. Slack

8.9.1. internal communication channels for: admins emergencies social website sponsorships our micromoments :)

8.10. Gmail

8.11. gDrive, Dropbox

8.12. Mindmeister

8.13. Moqups

8.14. Meetup

8.15. phone

8.16. MailChimp

8.17. Lanyrd (through proxy, since they don't allow access from Romania...)

8.18. Excel spreadsheets

8.19. Trello (tried it, dropped it)

8.20. Photoshop

8.21. Sketch

8.22. Illustrator

8.23. gForms

8.24. Doodle

8.25. DiversityTickets.org

8.26. Flickr