Romance Genre

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Romance Genre by Mind Map: Romance Genre

1. Structure

1.1. The beginning of the film starts with a teenage boy that meets a teenage girl at a party and how they fall in love. It shows the different stages they went through, for example their kiss, but also meets the climax of when they broke up. The ending is of the boy, who seems to be older, of him about to send an email to the girl, however it results with him not sending the email about how he misses her.

2. Cinematography

2.1. A variety of camera angles were used throughout, but two that stood out was close ups, long shots and two shots. They were used to represent the characters emotions and to show the audience the way in with each character acted towards the other. The lighting throughout was high key as this portrays happiness, helping show the emotions of the two characters.

3. Editing

3.1. The whole of the short film was a flashback, apart from the end. Many of the shots are short as it switches between different periods of time in their relationship.

4. Mise-en-scene

4.1. Mise-en-scene used in the short film through the costume. The outfits that the characters are wearing are causal, showing that it is just their normal lives and it makes the film feel more realistic to the audience.

5. Sound

5.1. The main sound used throughout is a voice over, this is done to represent that what is taking place happened in the past and this is the flashback being shown. There is also non-diegetic music being played through the scenes of the memories being shown. The music is slow and romantic, so it portrays the genre of the film.

6. Audience

6.1. The film engages the audience in many different ways, one way being through the use of sound. The voiceover could engage the audience as they will want to know what happened in the past and why he wants to relive and remember it.