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6TH AFFILIATE Q&A WEBINAR (June 28, 2017) by Mind Map: 6TH AFFILIATE Q&A WEBINAR (June 28, 2017)

1. Tools

1.1. Create systems to get things done

1.1.1. SYSTEMS ="Save Your Self Time, Energy, Money, & Sanity"

1.1.2. Allow you to lead yourself instead of your emotions leading you.

1.1.3. Increase your productivity by enhancing your focus

1.2. Other tools discussed before:

1.2.1. Checklists

1.2.2. Swipes

1.2.3. Mindmaps

1.2.4. Link Shorteners

1.3. Dashboards

1.3.1. Books on Systems thinking discussed: Micheal Gerber The E Myth Revisited Gino Wickman Traction Sam Carpenter Work The System

1.3.2. An essential repository of links, contact details, and things you want to look and reflect on a regular basis. links to electronic documents and pages where hard copies are stored list of products and promotions

1.3.3. Kartra Dashboard Provides information across a time period, for product type, and funnel type Number of visitors Sales and rebills Refunds Gross Revenue Net Profit

1.3.4. Free apps Google Docs Google Sheets

1.4. Creating Graphics

1.4.1. Visual images attract more attention as compared to words.

1.4.2. Free computer apps MS Paint Use a link shortener when adding your promotional links on your images

1.4.3. Online Apps Stencil Canva

1.4.4. Use stock photos Free Pixabay Paid Depositphotos

1.4.5. You may also leverage your time and have them made. Fiverr

2. Answers to Affiliates' Questions

2.1. Lots of apps integrated with Karta

2.2. As a solopreneur you can use EverNote, OneNote to create Dashboards.

2.2.1. F.A.Q.s For every product or promotion

2.2.2. Be mindful of other collaborative software as you grow.

2.3. Karta is being optimized for bugs.

2.3.1. Go to the Help Desk

2.3.2. Email us [email protected]

2.4. Project Management

2.4.1. Asana

2.4.2. Trello

2.4.3. Teamwork

2.4.4. Nozbe

3. Webinar Replay

3.1. Click on the arrow

4. Get Support Now!

4.1. JV and Affiliate Support Page

4.1.1. https://jv.genndi.com/support

4.2. Facebook Page

4.2.1. Click on the arrow

4.2.2. Our entire partnership team looks at this facebook page

4.3. Send us an email

4.3.1. [email protected]

5. Other Notes / comments

5.1. Kartra

5.1.1. New target launch Early September

5.2. WebinarJam3.0

5.2.1. Launch is in July

5.3. "Simplicity rules!"

5.4. Celebrate Freedom!

5.4.1. Automation

5.4.2. Delegation

6. Register for next week's Affiliate Q&A, July 5th

6.1. The Power of Leverage

6.1.1. Tap into your own Superpowers

6.1.2. Using Fiverr and other outsourcing tools

6.2. Register here