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Education Technology by Mind Map: Education Technology

1. What do I KNOW?

1.1. Educational Technology is constantly changing

1.2. What I used when I was in school is not really relevant anymore

1.2.1. Tape recorder

1.2.2. microphone

1.3. Educational Technology can be and was fun when I utilized it as a student

1.3.1. Took a very limited Music tech course in my undergraduate Learned how to use three softwares that were specifically music technology Garageband Finale Pygraphics didn't learn how to implement more general technology into the classroom

1.4. I know that I am seriously lacking in knowledge of useful technology implementation in the music classroom

1.5. I know how to use Finale, Sibelius, and some marching band tech programs

1.5.1. Finale Music Notation Software Products for Music Composition

1.5.2. Sibelius | Avid

1.5.3. Micro Marching League (MML)

1.5.4. Pygraphics, Inc. Pyware 3D Drill Design software for marching ensembles.

1.6. There are some online websites that have basic music education activities like note naming, rhythm learning, and some very limited musical history information

1.6.1. Music Tech Teacher, Home Page


1.6.3. Home

1.6.4. Music, Education & Technology -MusTech.Net | by Joseph M. Pisano, Ph.D.


2. What do I WANT to know?

2.1. What technology is available for music education?

2.1.1. Aside from the limited programs I'm already aware of, what's new and relevant

2.2. Where can I find this technology?

2.2.1. Software

2.2.2. Apps

2.2.3. Web-based

2.3. How do I keep up-to-date on what's available in my field in regard to technology?

2.3.1. Are there publications, courses, or conventions?

2.4. How do teachers and schools fund training and implementation of technology in their schools/classrooms?

2.5. How can I easily infuse technology into my classroom?

2.5.1. My current impression is that it would be difficult to accomplish for my circumstance, but I'm eager to learn how to utilize technology in a sustainable way in the music classroom.

2.6. How can I use technology in my classroom without it taking over and becoming the focus?

2.7. Are there ways to use technology in music that students could easily use at home?

2.7.1. Not many people have music software at home

2.7.2. Music software as I know it is expensive, and therefore not ideal for at home use ex: recording equipment, Finale

3. HOW am I going to find out?

3.1. Class content

3.2. Reading Using Technology with Classroom Instruction that Works

3.2.1. Follow suggested online technology prompts Become familiarized with suggested educational technology websites, software, and apps

3.3. Engaging in class discussions and assessments of technology classmates have used/researched

3.3.1. Utilize the information gained from discussions and apply it to my subject area as applicable

3.4. Trying different online, software, and apps that are educationally based

4. What did I LEARN

4.1. Educational Technologies from class Wiki

4.1.1. ABC Mouse favorite I will be using this with my son in a couple years and was very happy to see it on the Wiki reviews!


4.1.3. Accelerated Reader

4.1.4. Artsonia

4.1.5. Audionote favorite

4.1.6. Bamboozle

4.1.7. BrainPOP


4.1.9. Creatively favorite

4.1.10. PowTown

4.1.11. Class Dojo

4.1.12. Cornell Notes

4.1.13. Cut the Knot

4.1.14. Discovery Education


4.1.16. eClicker favorite

4.1.17. Edraw

4.1.18. Educational Testing Services

4.1.19. ePals

4.1.20. Evernote favorite

4.1.21. Facetime

4.1.22. Flickr

4.1.23. FlipGrid

4.1.24. Fotobabble

4.1.25. FotoFlexer

4.1.26. Front Row Education

4.1.27. Gapminder

4.1.28. GeoGebra

4.1.29. Go Animate

4.1.30. Google Classroom favorite

4.1.31. Google Drive favorite

4.1.32. Google Docs favorite

4.1.33. Google Slides favorite

4.1.34. Google Surveys favorite

4.1.35. Inspiration

4.1.36. Inspiration Maps lite

4.1.37. IXL

4.1.38. Jigsaw Classroom

4.1.39. Kahoot favorite

4.1.40. Kami

4.1.41. Khan Academy favorite

4.1.42. Kid Blog

4.1.43. Kidspiration favorite

4.1.44. Livebinders

4.1.45. Make Belief Comix

4.1.46. Math Playground

4.1.47. Mathopolis

4.1.48. Microsoft Word

4.1.49. Mindmeister favorite

4.1.50. Mindmup

4.1.51. Moodle

4.1.52. Nick Jr

4.1.53. Ning

4.1.54. Notability

4.1.55. NoteStar

4.1.56. Padlet

4.1.57. PaperDesk

4.1.58. PB Works

4.1.59. Prezi favorite

4.1.60. PS22 Chorus

4.1.61. Quizizz

4.1.62. Quizlet

4.1.63. Raz-Kids

4.1.64. Reading Eggs

4.1.65. Remind

4.1.66. Seesaw

4.1.67. Skoolbo

4.1.68. Snappy Words

4.1.69. Socrative favorite

4.1.70. Splash Math

4.1.71. Starfall

4.1.72. Storybird favorite

4.1.73. Storyboard

4.1.74. SurveyMonkey

4.1.75. Syllables Splash

4.1.76. The Differentiator

4.1.77. Thinglink

4.1.78. Tynker

4.1.79. Type With Me

4.1.80. Weebly

4.1.81. Funbrain

4.1.82. Voice Thread favorite

4.1.83. WISE

4.1.84. WebQuest LOVE

4.1.85. Youtube favorite

4.1.86. Zunal LOVE

4.2. I learned how to use and utilize a class Wiki

4.2.1. I really appreciated learning how to use a Wiki and the collective spirit of learning it instills. I learned about so many different programs I had previously never heard of!

4.3. Briefly learned appropriate fair use examples of the Copyright law

4.3.1. I learned that Copyright law is much more difficult to understand.

4.3.2. I have previous experience with some Copyright law issues with musicals I've been in, but this lesson really made me aware of the legalities possible if one ignores Copyrights.

4.4. Introduced to Creative Commons licenses and how to find them and use them

4.4.1. I LOVE Creative Commons! I had never heard of the practice before and am SO excited to be able to utilize this knowledge in my lesson plans and with my students in the future!

4.5. Learned how to evaluate the merits of an educational technology to decide whether or not it would be a good fit for my classroom or lesson

4.5.1. This skill was very helpful to have a way to critically look at educational technologies and really analyze whether they are sound tools, or just extra fluff.

4.6. Discussed the importance of cohesive technology integration into lesson plans

4.6.1. It's not about putting as much technology into the lesson as possible, but rather utilizing technologies that will help better the existing lesson plan and enhance the material

4.7. Researched and learned about assistive technologies for the classroom

4.7.1. Before this class I had very little understanding of how important assistive technologies are and the importance of understanding their best use for student success As a music teacher, I have had students with mobility issues before, but never students with significant vision or hearing impairments, this information is This lesson plan allowed me to begin my journey toward the path of a more inclusive classroom

4.8. Cooperative learning tools

4.8.1. Engaging in cooperative learning is still somewhat uncomfortable for me outside of ensemble performance Having to learn and utilize cooperative learning tools online was a welcome challenge that helped me become more comfortable with the elements of Google

4.9. I learned how to use and create a WebQuest

4.9.1. I loved this assignment. WebQuest: Musician' Dilemma: To Sample or Not

4.9.2. By far my favorite

4.9.3. I will be using this in my own classroom in the future

4.9.4. Even in adult learning/training, this is a useful, fun, educational technology tool!

4.10. Soft Structure Carriers

4.11. Technology Survey

4.11.1. Evaluating the technologies used in the various schools and organizations I have worked at or am currently working at was interesting Interestingly enough, the organizations I have worked with had better access to current technology than the public schools I've taught at This really speaks to the inequities in public education concerning technology. This is especially significant in communities with low socioeconomic means Home Page - Hike it Baby I work on the national board for this organization and the technology implemented throughout is top notch, especially considering it's a group focused on getting outdoors with your family Babywearing International of Kitsap Peninsula The second organization that I volunteer for. There is wonderful technology integration especially in the instruction of new baby wearers Recently this organization has also really moved towards inclusion by adding different assistive technologies into their instruction and social media

4.12. Lesson Planning with technology

4.12.1. This lesson made me focus heavily on standards and integrating technology that is useful for a specific lesson Lesson planning with technology seems overwhelming at first, but once you get the general pattern down, it tends to function very fluidly and is extremely helpful in reaching all students