New Media Technology Final Review

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New Media Technology Final Review by Mind Map: New Media Technology Final Review

1. Hot Trigger

1.1. A hot trigger is something that generally causes action

1.2. An example is a (real) fire alarm

1.3. B.J. Fogg says that a facebook tag is a digital hot trigger. One of the biggest hot triggers in the world today

2. AMPLIFYING: Collecting sites that have said good things about your company

3. Why it's important

3.1. PAGE 4 (bottom) will give you many reasons to measure why we should care

3.1.1. But.... if you get the order wrong, the interaction wrong, the particiption wrong, etc. You will hurt your online and real-life image

3.1.2. Hopefully you can now come up with your own

3.1.3. On the test, you will have to be able to integrate these parts of social media marketing

3.2. social media tactics have now become a part of everyday marketing’s fabric and need to be considered at the strategic level of your marketing decision-making process.

4. Let's Talk Reading by John Jantch

4.1. Jantch gives the simple definition that social media is the use of technology to co-create, know, like and trust

4.2. social media marketing

4.2.1. 4Cs Content Context Connection Community

4.2.2. The hierarchy of social marketing 1) Blogging 2)RSS 3) Social Search 4) Social Bookmarking Social Bookmarking is great for two things Examples: Ken's public libraries 5) Social Networks Facebook LinkedIN Twitter On a test, you will need to be able to give an example of how you will use each part of the triangle for a fake (or real) Business.

5. 2007 Predictions

5.1. Website 4 more info

5.2. video

5.2.1. Better and easier tool will facilitate small and large publisher abilities to post, edit and aggregate quality content online.

5.3. online advertising

5.3.1. Will provide technologies and means to select in real-time the most profitable and appropriate ads to display.

5.4. Online Music Listening

5.4.1. free music listening through new methods and effective ways.

5.5. Content Aggregation

5.5.1. Multiple valuable content for user through different online sources.

5.6. Personal and Independent Publishing

5.6.1. Allow people to publish with less complexity and increase the users who want to create their online publishing business.

5.7. 6) Web Conferencing and Online Collaboration

5.7.1. VoIp is stand for voice on internet protocol, an example for web conferencing. It permits users to talk or having conferences instead of talking on phone.

5.8. 7) Web and Visual Presentation Tools

5.8.1. Facilitating the effective delivery of visual presentations through the web.

5.9. 8) Mobile Group Text Messaging

5.9.1. Qick and easy to send message to many numbers at the same time.

5.10. 9) P2P-casting

5.10.1. Tool for sharing video or music from one compter to another.

5.11. 10) Visual Search Engines

5.11.1. Search engines such as Google helps you to see visual image and organize your contents.

5.12. 11) Web Metrics

5.13. 12) Mobile Content Delivery and Distribution

5.14. 13) Data analysis - Web 3.0

5.15. 14) Immersive Virtual Worlds

6. 2011 Predictions

6.1. Website 4 more info:

6.2. cloud computing

6.2.1. cloud service will be served in the consumer‘s enterprise and management.

6.3. Mobile applications and mobile tablets

6.3.1. the device on mobile phone or handset capable of rice can be used in searching for location, motion and other context in their behavior.

6.4. Social Communications and Collaboration.

6.4.1. 1. social networking such as My space, Facebook or Linkedln are used to analyze how people interact.

6.4.2. 2. social collaboration are wikis, blogs, instant message or crowdsoucing that help people to work together.

6.4.3. 3. social publising technologies that pooling individual contents into a usable and assessable content to help people such as Youtube, and flickr.

6.4.4. 4. social feedback receiving feedback and opinion from community on specific items as witness on Youtube, flickr, Digg so on..

6.5. Video

6.5.1. will be used in any contents and interaction model for users by 2013. 25 percent of what we see will be covered by picture, video and audio.

6.6. Next Generation Analytics.

6.6.1. Tool to predict future outcome of business enterprise by run simulations or model.

6.7. Social Analytics

6.7.1. The process of measuring, analyzing and interpreting the result of interactions and associations among people such social structure and interdependence through social web.

6.8. Context-Aware Computing

6.8.1. Technologies that determine how the users feel and deliver the personalize information to the device. By 2013 more than half of fortunes 500 companies will begin to use context aware computing.

6.9. Storage Class Memory.

6.9.1. flash memory that has more advantage on space, heat, performance and ruggedness. Kind of flash memory which is persistent even the power is removed.

6.10. Ubiquitous Computing

6.10.1. New node

6.11. Fabric-Based Infrastructure and Computers.

6.11.1. New node

6.12. Wiki made by the class:

7. Concepts

7.1. Crowd Sourcing

7.1.1. CocaCola They locked the music group Maroon 5 into a studio for 24 hours and crowdsourced the creation of a new song to regular people around the world Watch a video here:

7.1.2. Harley Davidson Even one of America's most successful companies fired the advertising company that helped make them successful They replaced them with a crowd-sourcing agency (See Victor & Spoils

7.1.3. Victor & Spoils Web Site:

7.2. Collaboration

7.3. Curation

8. Digital Nation

8.1. Be prepared to write about how you feel it applies to your LGC life both in class and your regular life as a college student

8.2. The video online

8.3. you should know that Douglas Rushkoff is a big deal.

8.3.1. Award winning book author

8.3.2. Writes for USA's biggest news paper (NY Times and England's biggest news paper (The Guardian)

9. New node

10. Programs we tried

10.1. Google Docs

10.1.1. Good Things Cloud Computing

10.1.2. Bad Things

10.1.3. What It Is

10.2. Google Reader

10.2.1. Good Things

10.2.2. Bad Things

10.2.3. What Is It

10.3. Net Vibes

10.3.1. What is it?

10.3.2. Good Things New node

10.3.3. Bad Things unstable connection between net vibes and some small, private websites

10.4. PB Wiki

10.4.1. What It Is

10.4.2. Good Things

10.4.3. Bad Things

11. Clay Shirky

11.1. Facts

11.1.1. US population collectively spends two billion hours per year watching TV;

11.1.2. The Entire Wikipedia took 100 million hours of work Americans could create a new Wikipedia EVERY WEEKEND only in the time it takes for them to watch TV ADS. Not Shows, but television advertisements. Visual Display of this idea;


11.2.1. "When we change the way we communicate, we change society "

11.2.2. "The Stupidist creative act (LOL Cats) is still a creative act" Ken's notes: This is a new generation of participatory media"

11.2.3. " We've got a choice before us. We've got this trillion hours a year. We can use it to crack each other up, and we're going to do that. That, we get for free. But we can also celebrate and support and reward the people trying to use cognitive surplus to create civic value. And to the degree we're going to do that, to the degree we're able to do that, we'll be able to change society.

11.2.4. Here are more quotes if you want: NOT ON TEST:

11.3. Ushihidi


11.3.2. Website to help people report problems and create change

11.3.3. started in Kenya

11.3.4. Used In Japan after Earthquake, india voting, and swine flue tracking

11.3.5. Here' a video

11.3.6. open source. Anyone can change it to fit the needs of their organization

11.4. LOL Cats


11.4.2. Funny pictures of cats

11.4.3. funny words...usually with misspellings and bad English Grammar

11.4.4. It is fun and cute, but scary how much time people spend creating and looking at these images

11.4.5. How else could we be using this time?????

11.5. S. Korea

11.5.1. 1000's of people held protests FTA USA/South Korea disagreement on US Beef imports these protests were PARTIALLY organized by teenage girls on the internet President Lee Myoung Bak appologized This showed the power of people connected via media who care strongly about a cause Sang and others brought up the important point in his blog that there was a TV show that did as much or more than the Boy band website to get people angry about the situation. Here is the link to Sang's blog post:

11.6. My Opinions

11.6.1. How do you feel about what you heard from Ken's reading of Shirky's book and from the TedTalk videos?

11.7. His Book is called: Cognitive Surplus

11.8. The videos:



12. Things I learned from my Blogger (personal. Don't add here, but be prepared for Midterm

13. Students

14. 21st Century Education

14.1. Howard Rheingold


14.2. Marcus Childress (younger)


14.3. Harvey Foyle (older)