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New Media Technology Final Review by Mind Map: New Media Technology Final Review
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New Media Technology Final Review

Hot Trigger

A hot trigger is something that generally causes action

An example is a (real) fire alarm

B.J. Fogg says that a facebook tag is a digital hot trigger. One of the biggest hot triggers in the world today

AMPLIFYING: Collecting sites that have said good things about your company

Why it's important

PAGE 4 (bottom) will give you many reasons to measure why we should care

social media tactics have now become a part of everyday marketing’s fabric and need to be considered at the strategic level of your marketing decision-making process.

Programs we tried

Google Docs

Google Reader

Net Vibes

PB Wiki

Let's Talk Reading by John Jantch

Jantch gives the simple definition that social media is the use of technology to co-create, know, like and trust

social media marketing

2007 Predictions

Website 4 more info


online advertising

Online Music Listening

Content Aggregation

Personal and Independent Publishing

6) Web Conferencing and Online Collaboration

7) Web and Visual Presentation Tools

8) Mobile Group Text Messaging

9) P2P-casting

10) Visual Search Engines

11) Web Metrics

12) Mobile Content Delivery and Distribution

13) Data analysis - Web 3.0

14) Immersive Virtual Worlds

2011 Predictions

Website 4 more info:

cloud computing

Mobile applications and mobile tablets

Social Communications and Collaboration.


Next Generation Analytics.

Social Analytics

Context-Aware Computing

Storage Class Memory.

Ubiquitous Computing

Fabric-Based Infrastructure and Computers.

Wiki made by the class:

Clay Shirky




LOL Cats

S. Korea

My Opinions

His Book is called: Cognitive Surplus

The videos:

Things I learned from my Blogger (personal. Don't add here, but be prepared for Midterm



Crowd Sourcing



Digital Nation

Be prepared to write about how you feel it applies to your LGC life both in class and your regular life as a college student

The video online

you should know that Douglas Rushkoff is a big deal.

21st Century Education

Howard Rheingold

Marcus Childress (younger)

Harvey Foyle (older)

New node