Digital Assessment Tools

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Digital Assessment Tools by Mind Map: Digital Assessment Tools

1. a site that allows teachers to create assignments or upload assignments to assign to students. The teacher can provide quick feedback with auto grade.

2. Socrative: an online quiz site that provides students with opportunities to answer questions through laptop or cell phones. It sends results to teachers. Socrative

3. QuizletLive!: is a site that focuses on vocabulary/definitions. It allows students to play a game and provides teacher with feedback.

4. Quizalize: teachers can pick already made quizzes or create their own, engage studens in the quiz, and see the results.

5. Google Forms: allows teachers to create surveys or quizzes.

6. Classkick: teachers create assignments/assessments, students complete on their device, teachers are provided with feedback and students can give each other feedback.

7. Kahoot: a game based style quizzes that allows students to use devices to answer questions from already made quizzs, or teacher can create own quizzes.

8. Quia: teachers can create activities or quizzes for students.

9. Coggle: an online tool for creating and sharing mindmaps. Students can create a map of to show what they’ve learned.

10. Plickers: an app that allows teachers to collect formative assessment without the need for student devices.

11. Flip Quiz: it allows teachers to create their own game-style activities for review. FlipQuiz™ | Classroom Review Game for Educators

12. Quiziz: teachers can create fun, engaging quizzes, and are provided with feedback.

13. Gooru: teachers can create or use curriculum that is already provided through the site to teach, engage, and assess students.

14. Obsurvey: teachers create surveys or quizzes for students. Teachers are provided with feedback.

15. Mentimeter: teachers sign up, write a question, students answer on their device, and teacher is provided with feedback.

16. Padlet: interactive site for collaboration. Teachers can create a question over a topic, and students can post their answers to the discussion board.

17. Animito: students can create a fun, animated short video to show what they’ve learned.

18. Survey Monkey: another survey site that allows the teacher to post questions, and students can answer through devices.

19. Conceptboard: another online site that allows students to create a map to show what they’ve learned, or for the teacher to pose a question for students to answer through online discussion map postings.

20. GoSoapBox: a web-based clicker tool that allows teachers to keep students engaged and gain insight to students’ comprehension.