The Stages of Reading Development

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The Stages of Reading Development by Mind Map: The Stages of Reading Development

1. Pre-reading stage parents read to the child

1.1. Maintain

1.1.1. awareness of letters

1.2. Interrupt

1.2.1. non awareness of letters or non english speaking

1.3. Accelerate

1.3.1. Phonemic Awareness

2. Reading/decoding grades 1 & 2

2.1. Maintain

2.1.1. Phonemic awareness

2.2. Interrupt

2.2.1. Difficulty in decoding or breaking down words

2.3. Accelerate

2.3.1. Educational programs on tv or the internet

3. Fluency grades 2 & 3

3.1. Maintain

3.1.1. Pick up speed in recognizing whole words

3.2. Interrupt

3.2.1. The need to continue to decode words into individual letters and sounds

3.3. Accelerate

3.3.1. The rich get richer. The more a child reads, the faster they will be able to recognize whole words, lessening the need to decode words.