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Alyssa Clymer's Vocab Project by Mind Map: Alyssa Clymer's Vocab Project
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Alyssa Clymer's Vocab Project

Ecological Succession

Primary Succession

When an ecosystem is firsted formed starts on just plain rock

Secondary Succession

a new ecosystem started where an old one has been wiped out, sometimes by a minor flood, other times by a fire, etc.

Levels Of Organization (same organization as pyramid)


Any single life form


One species, many organisms


All the living organisms in an ecosystem


All living organisms in an area and how they interact with the world around them


a region of a biosphere defined by a specific type of ecosystem


a layer of land, water, and air that has life on it (Earth in our case)

Energy Transfer

Food Chain

energy transfer in ONE scenario

Food Web

energy transfer in many/all scenarios for a community

Trophic Levels

trophic: energy each transfer makes a different trophic level



An area underground (usually in rock) that holds freshwater

Water Pollution

When things that aren't supposed to be there get in the water and make it uninhabitable/unusable