Nicholas Vivian's Mind Map Vocab Project

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Nicholas Vivian's Mind Map Vocab Project by Mind Map: Nicholas Vivian's Mind Map Vocab Project

1. Biodiversity

1.1. Abiotic Factors

1.1.1. The nonliving parts of an ecosystem

1.2. Biotic Factors

1.2.1. The living parts of an ecosystem

1.3. Biodiversity

1.3.1. A wide variety of plant and animal species in their natural environments.

1.4. Hot Spots

1.4.1. A community with a large population.

2. Succession

2.1. Ecological Succession

2.1.1. The changing of one community by another community in the same area.

2.2. Primary Succession

2.2.1. Begins with rock and grows. Events causing this kind of succession would be seeds carried by wind or water

2.3. Secondary Succession

2.3.1. Begins with soil present. Events causing this succession would be volcanic eruptions and flooding.

3. Population

3.1. Population Growth

3.1.1. Controlled by Limiting Factors (See Limiting Factors)

3.2. Black Plague

3.2.1. Wiped out 2/3 population

3.3. Industrial Revolution

3.3.1. Ended manuel labor

3.4. Exponential Growth

3.4.1. Rapid growth rate

3.4.2. J-Curve

3.5. Sustainability

3.5.1. How biological systems remain diverse and productive over time.

3.6. Logistic Growth

3.6.1. Point where the growth rate levels off

3.6.2. S-Curve

3.7. Population Growth Rate

3.7.1. How fast a population is growing.

4. Limiting Factors

4.1. Limiting Factors

4.1.1. The conditions of an environment that limits growth of species

4.2. Carrying Capacity

4.2.1. The number of species an ecosystem can support

4.3. Climax Community

4.3.1. A community where populations of plants or animals remain stable and exist in balance with each other and their environment.

4.4. Pioneer Species

4.4.1. A species which colonizes previously uncolonized land.

5. Levels Of Organization

5.1. Organism

5.2. Population

5.3. Community

5.4. Ecosystem

5.5. Biome

5.5.1. Rainforest

5.5.2. Temperate Deciduous Forest

5.5.3. Coniferous Forest

5.5.4. Desert

5.5.5. Tundra

5.5.6. Grassland/Savannah

5.5.7. Freshwater Biome

5.5.8. Marine Biome

5.6. Biosphere

6. Ecosystems and Their Interactions

6.1. Catagorization

6.1.1. Food Chain

6.1.2. Food Web

6.1.3. Trophic Levels

6.2. Consumers and Producers

6.2.1. Producer

6.2.2. Primary Consumer

6.2.3. Secondary Consumer

6.2.4. Tertiary Consumer

7. Water Pollution

7.1. Water Pollution

7.1.1. Pollution that affects water

7.2. Aquifier

7.3. Point Source

7.3.1. Water pollution that can be tracked to one specific source.

7.4. Non-Point Source

7.4.1. Water pollution that cannot be tracked to a source.