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Globalization by Mind Map: Globalization

1. Economic Market

1.1. Emerging economy influenced the internationalization of companies

1.2. Base of the Pyramid is the largest socio-economic group, with the characteristic of being in a situation of poverty

2. Purchasing power parity

2.1. Is use for compare the standard of living between different countries

2.2. It is done taking into account the Gross Domestic Product of each country

3. Expatriate Manager

3.1. Person who works as manager outside of his or her native country

3.2. receive an International Premium

4. Globalization

4.1. Integration of countries of the world

5. Economic Power

5.1. Association of emerging economies BRICS Brazil, Rusia, India, China and South Africa

5.2. Triad, are the three regions that dominate the world economy. North America, Western Europe, and Asia-Pacific

6. Foreign Direct Investment

6.1. This investment generate Global Business

6.1.1. Global business allows to Multinational Enterprise for compete in national markets

6.1.2. One perspective is Resource-Based View focused on company performance based on its internal resources and capabilities

6.2. Through International Business

7. Institutions

7.1. Provide the formal and informal rules

7.2. Institution-based view is a perspective determined by the institutional frameworks

7.2.1. Institutional Framework Formal Institutions refers to laws Informal Institutions refers to culture

8. Liability of foreignness

8.1. is the disadvantage that foreign companies get in foreign countries

9. Semi-globalization

9.1. There are borders, it means that it is a partial globalization

10. Non-governmental Organizations

10.1. Environmentalist or human rights activists groups