6 Dimensions of Citizenship Education

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6 Dimensions of Citizenship Education by Mind Map: 6 Dimensions of Citizenship Education

1. 1. Deliberation

1.1. Discussion with a purpose of making decisions on binding everyone

1.2. Foundation of democratic citizenships

1.3. Democracy in Action

1.4. About "we"

1.5. Students learn how to reason

2. 5. Values

2.1. Democratic ideas and practices

2.2. Individual rights to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness

3. 6.Dispositions

3.1. Habits or inclinations that summaries a person's behavior and values

3.2. Character education

3.3. Civil, responsible, honest, fair, lawful, courageous

4. 2. Voting and Elections

4.1. Deliberations forms voting

4.2. Mock elections

4.3. Duty and sacred

4.4. Can be used to decide class rules

5. 3. Service Learning and Community Action

5.1. What kids learn in schools will relfect in their adult lives

5.2. Social or political

6. 4. Citizen Knowledge

6.1. More knowledge=a more effective citizen

6.2. Makes an informed citizen