How should China deal with over-population

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How should China deal with over-population by Mind Map: How should China deal with over-population

1. people involved

1.1. government

1.1.1. To past out laws and educate students

1.2. citizens

1.2.1. couples

1.2.2. child lonely child

2. problems

2.1. over population

2.1.1. not enough food and resources for that many people

2.1.2. Disparity

2.1.3. lesser job opportunities competitions

2.1.4. deforestration

2.2. one child policy

2.2.1. female babies would be abordan because Chinese people generally prefer boys than girls (Patriarchal) more male than female

2.2.2. one child has to feed two parents and it is hard to earn that much money for three people uses in China Next generation: there will be 2 people feeding 4 parents Then there kid has to feed 6 people and if he/she is married, they have to feed 12 parents

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3.7.1. what does the government do?

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3.12.1. problems of overpopulation


3.13.1. What causes it no need


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3.15.1. late, sparse, few

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3.16.1. pie chart

3.17. һ˶

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3.21.1. picture


4.1. China war within the country

5. population in China

5.1. current population of Asia : 4.4 Billion

5.1.1. population in China : 1.4 Billion population density of 143 people/km^2 Australia has the population density of 3.1 people/km^2

5.2. current population of the world : 7.3 Billion

6. scale

6.1. regional

6.1.1. not enough resourses for that many people

6.2. local

6.2.1. the local school will be over crowed and the houses will be not enough

6.2.2. not enough jobs for people

7. benefits

7.1. one child policy

7.1.1. control the population growth

7.1.2. don't have the issue of dividing family properties

7.2. overpopulation

7.2.1. farming has more people to farm in a family

8. What has been done

8.1. policies

8.1.1. one chilld policy A couple can only have one child excepth if the parents are both the only child not restricted if they are farmers and minorities 1979

8.1.2. two child policy 1st Jan 2016

8.2. propaganda in 1956

9. causes of overpopulation

9.1. lack of education

9.2. lack of medical technology

9.2.1. people are scared that the baby will die and they will not have any child, so they would rather give birth to more babies

9.3. there is no such idea of contraception