Mobile Apps for Education By Kenny Peters

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Mobile Apps for Education By Kenny Peters by Mind Map: Mobile Apps for Education By Kenny Peters

1. Audio

1.1. Audio Memos Audio recorder that has an intuitive interface, easy to use and full of powerful features. Use it in interviews, music session, and simplify your recording tasks.

1.2. Recorder Plus : Audio And Voice Memo Recording on the App Store Recorder Plus is the easiest way to record and playback sounds. and it records professional audio with high quality feature. this application turns your iphone into a real audio recorder.

1.3. Mobile Podcaster Record and publish audio recordings and podcast episodes directly to your WordPress website. Import audio from other apps. Trim your recordings. Export to WordPress, Dropbox, iCloud and more!

1.4. Smart Record Smart Record is a professional recording tool that enables you to assign notes and photos to your recordings, helping you to capture the moment and context, transforming the recording into transparent and organized piece of information.

2. Video

2.1. Shadow Puppet Create custom videos that are easy to share! Combine photos and video clips with your voice and favorite song. Draw on screen, add emoji stickers, zoom and pan. Create videos to tell a story, explain an idea, or send a personalized message.

2.2. iMovie Browse your video library, share favorite moments, create beautiful movies, and watch them on all your devices in iMovie Theater.

2.3. AndroVid - Video Editor Videos can be shot within the app or taken with an external video camera and loaded onto the tablet via email. Editors can trim, split, and merge video clips, separate audio from video, add their own music, and add text or special effects. Other cool features for organizing and cataloging videos make it especially handy for students who create lots of videos.

2.4. Videolicious Weave together interviews, videos, photos, music and more into a sophisticated video production—in seconds.

3. Photos

3.1. Pic Collage PicCollage has everything you need to create amazing collages with your photos. Join over 140 MILLION people who use PicCollage as their #1 collage maker and photo grid app!

3.2. ChatterPix Chatterpix Kids can make anything talk -- pets, friends, doodles, and more. Simply take any photo, draw a line to make a mouth, and record your voice. Then share your Pix with friends and family as silly greetings, playful messages, creative cards, or even fancy book reports.

3.3. Photo Grid Features include video collage, photo collage, camera effect, instasize, layout, live filter, sticker, slideshow, blur, mosaic, scrapbook, retouch, pattern and so much more.

3.4. Flipagram Flipagram allows students to display a number of photos in one project. Students can order the photos, record a voice-over, add text, and even use free 30-second clips of popular songs to produce dynamic slideshows.