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Prayer by Mind Map: Prayer
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What to Pray For?



Positive Outlook

Resisting Temptation


What is Supplication?

What is Prayer

What is Humility?

What is Faith?

What is Praise?

What is Worship?

What is Fear?

What is Hope?

What is being Contrite?


"Study not to be a fine preacher. Jerichos are blown down with rams' horns. Look simply unto Jesus for preaching food; and what is wanted will be given, and what is given will be blessed, whether it be a barley grain or a wheaten loaf, a crust or a crumb. Your mouth will be a flowing stream or a fountain sealed, according as your heart is. Avoid all controversy in preaching, talking, or writing; preach nothing down but the devil, and nothing up but Jesus Christ."

"One bright benison which private prayer brings down upon the ministry is an indescribable and inimitable something -- an unction from the Holy One... If the anointing which we bear come not from the Lord of hosts, we are deceivers, since only in prayer can we obtain it. Let us continue instant constant fervent in supplication. Let your fleece lie on the thrashing floor of supplication till it is wet with the dew of heaven."

"Speak for eternity. Above all things, cultivate your own spirit. A word spoken by you when your conscience is clear and your heart full of God's Spirit is worth ten thousand words spoken in unbelief and sin. Remember that God, and not man, must have the glory. If the veil of the world's machinery were lifted off, how much we would find is done in answer to the prayers of God's children."

"Give me one hundred preachers who fear nothing but sin and desire nothing but God, and I care not a straw whether they be clergymen or laymen; such alone will shake the gates of hell and set up the kingdom of heaven on earth. God does nothing but in answer to prayer."

"If some Christians that have been complaining of their ministers had said and acted less before men and had applied themselves with all their might to cry to God for their ministers -- had, as it were, risen and stormed heaven with their humble, fervent and incessant prayers for them -- they would have been much more in the way of success."

"This perpetual hurry of business and company ruins me in soul if not in body. More solitude and earlier hours! I suspect I have been allotting habitually too little time to religious exercises, as private devotion and religious meditation, Scripture-reading, etc. Hence I am lean and cold and hard. I had better allot two hours or an hour and a half daily. I have been keeping too late hours, and hence have had but a hurried half hour in a morning to myself. Surely the experience of all good men confirms the proposition that without a due measure of private devotions the soul will grow lean. But all may be done through prayer -- almighty prayer, I am ready to say -- and why not? For that it is almighty is only through the gracious ordination of the God of love and truth. O then, pray, pray, pray!"

"I judge that my prayer is more than the devil himself; if it were otherwise, Luther would have fared differently long before this. Yet men will not see and acknowledge the great wonders or miracles God works in my behalf. If I should neglect prayer but a single day, I should lose a great deal of the fire of faith."


Seeking Him with all your heart

Being Born Again

Effective Prayer

Characteristics of an Answered Prayer

Inspiring Stories

“Two men went into the hills above Los Angeles to pray, for they had read Jeremiah 33:3 and wanted to see the promises fulfilled before their eyes. God has said to his faithful prophet in prison, ‘Call to me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know’ (NKJV). How do you stake a claim on the promises of God? The two wanted to know, so they covenanted with each other to pray together every morning until they felt assured that God was going to fulfill that promise in their lives. “Each morning at 5:00 a.m. they were up in the hills, kneeling with open Bibles before them, praying by name for the boys God had given them through their Sunday school and Boy's Club ministry. Each weekday they prayed for two hours, and then headed down again to be at work by 8:00 a.m. On Sundays they prayed for three hours before going to church. “As the days passed they began praying for surrounding cities. In the third week they began extending their prayer interests up the West Coast. As they prayed, they soaked up the promises of God, and He gave them the faith to believe that they could be used to reach men for Christ in all 48 states. As their vision and faith grew, they bought a map of the world, putting their fingers on China, Japan, etc., pleading with God for men in these far off places. ‘Lord allow us to serve you some day in each of these places and enable us to reach men for you in everyone of these continents of the world.’ After 42 days they felt the burden lift, and they began to thank God that He had heard them. “By the time World War II began, Dawson Trotman discovered that in his work with sailors from the Pacific Fleet, men from every one of the 48 states had been touched by his ministry and had visited his home. Jeremiah 33:3 had been partially fulfilled. By the time the war ended four years later, the men he had led to Christ touched other lives on all the continents of the world, including most of the countries for which he had so earnestly prayed. By the time he died 11 years later, Jeremiah 33:3 had been completely fulfilled for him in his ministry. ‘That 42-day prayer meeting,’ he wrote later, ‘was the turning point in my life.’”

Dawson Trotman had shared with me his vision story of praying 42 days with maps. With no place to preach, I thought, “Why not at least pray to be used of the Lord?” I gathered maps and spread them on the floor. I began this different kind of praying slowly and with hesitation. That I could claim a verse like Jeremiah 33:3 and pray it for a ministry in my city, other cities, states, then to nations! To ask God for ministry around the world at first seemed proud, certainly impossible. I recall Satan's whispers against the “borrowed vision” from Trotman which I felt God leading me to ask. Kneeling before my Bible and the maps, my fingers touched the names of cities and countries. “It is silly,” I thought, “when you can't get a church to hear you preach, and you're asking God to use you around the world?” Yet God encouraged me as I read His Word and warmed to the impossible. He gave me grace to persist. I prayed daily, nearly a month. I felt led to ask for three things: First, that God would use me to win or encourage someone to share Christ in each nation. Second, that God would raise up missionaries to go to each nation and share the Gospel. Third, that missionaries would disciple those won so they, in turn, would win others to Christ. Over the next 12 years I had ministered in Chicago and wrote a six-lesson Gospel of John Correspondence Course. It was for Pacific Garden Mission's “Unshackled” radio program. I'd also pastored two small churches, and won students to Christ at four universities. In the mail I got a letter from P.G. Mission wanting to “update you on the John Bible Study Course you wrote for us.” From 300 stations the response from listeners doing the lessons had resulted in mailed testimonies of salvation from 14,000 people! Listeners receiving Christ lived in 50 states and six foreign countries! I yelled joyfully to the Lord as I read and re-read the letter. But that wasn't the end of the blessing. Since that letter God opened the door for me to teach all new Southern Baptist missionary personnel “the care and feeding of new believers” for 11 years at their Missionary Orientation. Plus for four years I taught their two-year missionaries. The Lord continued to surprise me, never forgetting my prayers from decades ago. He started sending me to teach national pastors and missionaries all over the world. This January I had a special time of praise, speaking in the 100th nation since I claimed the promise: “Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things that thou knowest not” (Jeremiah 33:3). God has shown His faithfulness, His staggering love and longsuffering with me. I know He wants to overwhelm you with opportunities, as you believe His Word specifically in prayer. To have an exciting “three score” plus, begin to claim His promises now, while you're young!

Structure of Prayer