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Stretching with Trigger Points by Mind Map: Stretching with Trigger Points
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Stretching with Trigger Points

1. Getting information

Did Trigger Points for soccer practice one day. Julie Blackburn is who came and did a trigger points exercise, and she is highly qualified and is a personal trainer in this area. This got me interested in trigger points, and how beneficial it can be for me since I am a Division 1 athlete.

2. Online Sourcing

I was able to have e-mail contact with Julie Blackburn. She was very helpful in giving me advise, and also gave me two books about trigger points. This was very helpful in my research on this topic. It let me understand exactly what trigger points are, and how it can be beneficial to get rid of them when having a very active lifestyle.

I also got to find a blog on a trigger points website, and was able to make a post after having a session with Julie Blackburn.

Julie Blackburn also gave me this great website about trigger points.

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Trigger Points

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