Verizon Wireless Smartphones 2011

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Verizon Wireless Smartphones 2011 by Mind Map: Verizon Wireless Smartphones 2011

1. 4G LTE Network Smartphone

1.1. ThunderBolt™ by HTC

2. Data Plans

2.1. $10/75 MB

2.2. $29.99/Unlimited

2.3. Requires a data package

3. Smart Phones - 3G Network

3.1. Motorola

3.1.1. Droid X

3.1.2. Droid pro

3.1.3. CITRUS

3.1.4. Droid 2 Global

3.2. BlackBerry

3.2.1. Curve 9330 8530

3.2.2. Storm 2 9550

3.2.3. Bold 9650 w/ 6 OS

3.3. LG

3.3.1. Vortex

3.3.2. Fathom

3.3.3. Ally

3.4. Samsung

3.4.1. Fascinate a Galaxy S phone

3.4.2. Continuum a Galaxy S phone

3.5. Apple iphone 4

3.5.1. 16 GB

3.5.2. 32 GB

3.6. HTC

3.6.1. Imagio

3.7. Palm

3.7.1. Pre 2

3.8. Casio®

3.8.1. G'zOne Commando™

4. Source


5. Operating Systems

5.1. Apple iOS

5.1.1. Pros 1. There are no unnecessary animations and transition effects and whatever little is there looks natural and is functional. 2. Turned out to be the easiest mobile operating system.

5.1.2. Cons 1. The oldest of the four platforms. 2. Features was never a strong point of iOS.

5.2. Rim BlackBerry

5.2.1. Pros 1. It is possible to cut, copy and paste almost any piece of text across the OS. And the experience is also very painless. 2. Every single Blackberry device supports true multitasking.

5.2.2. Cons 1. The Blackberry phones get almost paralyzed while installing/upgrading applications. 2. No Blackberry smartphone still supports Adobe Flash.

5.3. Android

5.3.1. Pros 1. Feels the most complete out of all the four platforms here in terms of features, and if features are all that you are looking for then you would be happiest with Android 2. Has gone through considerable changes since its first iteration and has only got better with age.

5.3.2. Cons 1. At times you will notice unexpected and inexplicable slowdowns while going through the UI, which deters from the overall experience. 2. Does not use the GPU to render the on-screen images, which means the CPU is overburdened, causing further slowdowns.

5.4. Symbian

5.4.1. Pros: 1. Features like multi-tasking and copy paste, something others have just discovered and others are yet to, have always been part of Symbian 2. You will find almost every feature here that you get on Android, along with some that you don't, such as FM radio and USB On-the-Go connectivity.