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Website Evaluation by Mind Map: Website Evaluation
4.0 stars - 1 reviews range from 0 to 5

Website Evaluation

Click on the +'s for more detail

What's the purpose of the site?

Is it designed to give you information?

Is it designed to tell you something?

Is the information edited for accuracy?

Do you understand the information?

Who made the site?

Is the author's name on the site?

Do they work in this field?

Is there any information about the person?

Can you contact the author through an 'About Us' or 'Contact Us' section?

Is the site well designed?

Is it easy to use?

Do all the links work?

When was it last updated?

Was it written for your age?

What does the address or URL tell you?

.co, .com is for commercial sites (and may be selling something)

.ac, .edu, is for educational sites

.gv, .govt, are government sites (reliable and good for statistics)

.org is for non-profit websites