Planning Your Next Big Family Ski Trip?

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Planning Your Next Big Family Ski Trip? by Mind Map: Planning Your Next Big Family Ski Trip?

1. Step 1

1.1. Decide which mountain your family will be spending the weekend skiing on. The 8 Best Ski Destinations in the USA

2. Step 2

2.1. Pick a hotel near the mountain so that after a long day of skiing you don't have to drive far away back to your hotel.

3. Step 3

3.1. If you don't own any of your own ski equipment, due to the convenience I highly suggest renting equipment at the ski mountain, typically many ski mountains have a renting lodge just for that.

4. Step 4

4.1. Download Weather Live Free– Android-Apps from Google Play a weather application to check the how things will look. You wouldn't want to plan a nice family trip if it wasn't going to snow. Skiing on artificial snow is not fun either especially because it gets icy. The opinions expressed here represent my own and I have not been compensated for such opinions.