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Zeitgeist India meetup by Mind Map: Zeitgeist India meetup
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Zeitgeist India meetup

daywise events breakdown

day 1

day 2

day 3

participants' projects

Bottle schools

can make classroom structures using waste plastic bottles filled with trash as the filling instead of cement or concrete, reduces building costs by half. Students, community involved in making video:  

hug it forward Heenal Rajan

urban farming   video:

Collaboration between sectors joanna pyres  

Wikipedia for Schools Offline Edition

wiki web page started by Nikhil Sheth, a grassroots volunteer drive to take the free, creatve commons 5500+ article encyclopedia Wikipedia for Schools (soured from Wikipedia) to schools across India and the world

skills bank



Knowledge Collection





solution finding

Cinema therapy



Advertising & Communication





Graphic Design & Communication


Resource sharing methodologies




educational materials


movements & websites

Centre for Life Sciences, health, Medicine Pune

for dyslexic, specially abled kids and all ages - therapy location: near NIBM, clover pinnavle ridge, opp clover highland, Kondhwa

Wiser Earth

worldwide map of social organisations can create events, groups, converstations, vacancies, requirements Other:,  

Eco San eco toilets

conscious communities


darryl has walked barefoot since 8 months. vinesh -- since even longer!

lionel is a national level cycling champ. He cycled from Ahd to Mum and back in 5 days

other resources


tools for self-transformation

Tai Chi      




This is a Buddhist practice and involves chanting the phrase Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo. This mantra or chant is a mixture of Sanskrit, Japanse and Chinese. Literally translated, it means: "I surrender to the law of cause and effect." This chant is the essence of the Lotus Sutra, which captures the teachings of Nichiren Daishonin's Buddhism.   Soka Gakkai International, a 12-million-member-strong Japanese organization, is engaged in spreading kosen-rufu (world peace) by sharing this amazingly simple and effective practice with everyone across the globe. More at:  

ideas for collective projects

Knowledge sharing group on Bibkosh

ideas for next TZM meet

- Nikhil

A week in an RBE

spend longer (eg 1 week) in goa to integrate with holiday, stay together and experiment with the idea of a resouce based economy in practice: each contribute something Eg Nadia brings mint and makes arabic mint tea for everyone etc. Do a shop at the beginning of week to provide a 'fixed set of resources' which we will need to manage/allocate. Notice what we observe about the experience

Live as a sustainable community in practice, not theory, on an island in Gokarna.

Spend a few days contributing to the Auroville community.

examples of RBE in action

Knowledge sharing: wikipedia

over 1 million writers, nobody gets paid anything but they contribute high quality content anyway

Accommodation - CouchSurfing

Transport - Zipcar

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