Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress

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Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress by Mind Map: Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress

1. Characters

1.1. The Tailor

1.1.1. the father of the little seamstress

1.2. Main

1.2.1. Narrator Has no known name in English Translated book -- In the Chinese Novel his name is "Ma" 'Reactionary' has a negative veiw on other characters pg. 61 dresses up as a high ranking communist thinks he is better than four eyes Don't abide by communist values. Bestfriend of Luo

1.2.2. The Little Chinese Seamstress Daughter of the tailor In love with Luo....or is she?

1.2.3. Luo In love with the seamstress

1.3. Supporting

1.3.1. Four Eyes Has Hidden Books

1.4. Minor

1.4.1. The Dentist pg 61 Desperate Not liked by narrator Luo's Father

1.4.2. The Doctor Knows the narrator's father

1.4.3. Four Eye's Mother

1.4.4. The Village Headman Quite unintelligent

1.4.5. The Old Miller

2. Themes

2.1. Enlightenment

2.2. Narcissism

2.3. Romance

2.4. Betrayal

2.5. Arrogant

2.6. Western Influence

2.7. Romance

2.8. Secrecy

2.9. Beauty

2.10. Love

2.11. Friendship

2.12. jealousy

3. Plot Summary

3.1. Part 1

3.1.1. Chapter 1 Mozart is thinking of Chairman Mao Luo & narrator two friends sent to countryside Win over locals With a lie Mozart is thinking of Chairman Mao We Learn Main characters' background MCs' new lives Villagers

3.1.2. Chapter 2 We find out about the main characters' parents Phoenix of the sky The narrator describes how uncomfortable their living quarters were The narrator describes the trail to the phoenix of the sky Luo and the narrator enjoy films communist regime We find out about the characters personalities Luo Narrator Life is hard and tough Civilisation

3.1.3. Chapter 3 New Characters Four-Eyes The Tailer We Learn.. Luo is a great impersonator

3.1.4. Chapter 4 Little Seamstress attractive not civilised New scene, 'In The Little Coal Mine' 'The Little Coal Mine' Luo is first introduced working in 'The Little Coal Mine' The Narrator joins in the work at mining the coal, and then bringing it in a basket back to the surface. The Narrator sometimes has visions of when he is at the brink of death, whereupon he saw his childhood race before him at a fast speed, just like the dying are said to see their lives past by in a flash. At the end of 6th week, Luo fell ill with Malaria.

3.1.5. Chapter 5 New scene The seamstress's village New characters The four sorceresses Emphasizes the illusion of communism in china

3.2. Part 2

3.2.1. Chapter 1 Luo and Narrater's curiosity as to what is inside four eye's suitcase Luo and Narrater anxiously wait for Four eye's return from work to quiz him about the contents of his suitcase Four eye's is not eager for the narrator's help

3.2.2. Chapter 2 Four eyes gives Luo and the narrator the book, Balzac Luo startes reading the book and finishes by dawn Luo passes the book to narrator. Narrator stays in bed until nightfall, without food reading Balzac. Luo finds Chinese Seamstress and tells her the wonderful story Narrator copies out Balzac section onto his jacket

3.2.3. Chapter 3 Luo and Narrator Gave Four Eyes Food, Enterained him (hoping for more book) Four Eyes Got his new glasses Regrets returning book back Luo told what happen the other day under the Gingko Tree Luo and the Narrator returns book back to Four Eyes At this point, Four Eyes has already went to the Old mIller to TRY and get Folk songs....but has not suceeded Four Eyes is washing his Jacket -- Get Rid of lice Luo and the Narrator quickly thought, if they can do it (get folk songs), they will get more of Balzac's books

3.2.4. Chapter 4 Narrator felt insects crawling all over his body Narrator imagined 4-Eyes as a wicked witch -shows that he does not like 4-Eyes Old Miller likes to think of himself as rich as he calls the pebbles he sucks 'jade dumplings'. Pages 62-66 Narrator and Luo attempt to get songs for 4 eyes. Luo and Narrator act as communist officials The Old Miller is unintelligent The Old Miller is primitive

3.2.5. Chapter 5 Luo asks Four eyes for the books so that they'll leave Four eyes thinks that Luo and the narrater has only brought them rubbish therefore rebels to bringing books Four eyes wants Luo and the narrater to put away the papers, "burn it" or "put it away in your pocket" The narrater lunges at Four Eyes and punches him at the jaw Bloodstains were left on the narrator's "Mao-style jacket" after the fight

3.2.6. Chapter 6 Narrator meets four-eye's mother Narrator uses Luo's identity Four-eyes mother denies giving Four-eyes books The Little Seamstress proposes the idea to steal the books from Four-eyes The Narrator, uses Luo's identity, gets opinions of himself from Four-eyes and Four-eyes mother

3.2.7. Chapter 7 Narrator's dream shows narrator's subconcious feelings

3.3. Part 3

3.3.1. chapter 1 FRANCIS'S DONT TOUCH Luo and the main character start to read the western books which they stole from four eyes Luo and the narrator see the red beaked raven when tehy climb the mountain to see the seamstress The Narrator has a dream that the little seamstress falls off the ridge and dies. He worries for her and ask Luo to ask her to stay away from the ridge Four eyes has left the mountain without denouncing them and the headman is at a communist party conference New node

3.3.2. Chapter 2 Boris we learn The Headman asks Luo to help him with a dental issue, regarding his rotten teeth, in exchange for one month off work The tailor visits the village the boys live in. He also surprises everyone by declaring that he wants to stay at the boys' house. The author and luo begin to tell a story written by Alexandre Dumas, called; 'The Count of Monte Cristo'. On the third night of story telling, the boys were caught be the village headman, and was condemned for spreading 'reactionary trash'. However the headman then struck a deal which would leave the author alone in exchange for Luo's dental services.

3.3.3. Chapter 3 Luo and the Tailor were fixing the headmans bad tooth. The Tailor tried to sew the headman's teeth. The headman was very painful and fell off the bed. The first attempt failed. The headman realized that he came a long difficult way to fix his bad tooth, so he tries again. Second attempt failed and he fell off the bed. The headman spat some blood out. Descriptions of the headman's teeth The incisors and molars

3.3.4. Chapter 4 Don't you dare... This is Matthew's The old miller found two people having sex in a deep pool of green water, which was one or two kilometers away from his mill. He had no intention to spy on them, but he had never seen such thing in his life. He was also ashamed that he would never taste this kind of watery delight. The old miller continued spying on them and he saw them swimming out of the pool. He concentrated on the girl, who was naked and unfamiliar.

3.3.5. Chapter 5 Dragged out descriptions (Emphasis) Murky Pool Little Seamstress's enlightenment Foreshadowing someone delete this

3.3.6. Chapter 6 Seamstress attempts to retrieve Luo's keyring Shows how naive she is and how western influences seems to have made her optimistic (or foolish)

3.3.7. Chapter 7 ELAINEZZZZZ keep off, PILZ Luo leaves on a one month absence, so the narrator is put in charge of "guarding" the Little Seamstress

3.3.8. Chapter 8 What happened? Seamstress finds herself in a dilemma preacher dies from cancer the feelings of the narrator towards the little seamstress is revealed. Abortion successful

3.3.9. LAST CHAPTER Last Chapter Luo & Narrator burn the books after Seamstress leaves, due to the fact that it is because of this influence that the Seamstress departed for the city. A journey definitely ill fated and ending with disaster. Seamstress can be see modernizing her image. makes herself a brasserie, buys tennis shoes too clean for country living Luo & Narrator discover seamstress has left for the city