General Practitioner

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General Practitioner by Mind Map: General Practitioner

1. Non-clinical services

1.1. Financial aid

1.1.1. Government welfare Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) Disability Support Pension Mobility Allowance Carer Payment Carers Allowance

1.1.2. Financial adviser John Berrill Maurice Blackburn Law Firm Kidney Health Australia 1800 810 812

1.1.3. Insurance Medicare

1.2. Housing

1.2.1. Home maintenance Peter Hindson Home Repairs and Maintenance 7 Corrigan Avenue, Kyabram

1.3. General support

1.3.1. Social support Counselling Friends TelEConnect (Peer support of patients and carers) 1800 454 363 Family Information on coping Kidney Health Australia Information Service 1800 454 363 Support groups Kidney Club meetings KDHS via Skype OR/ University of Melbourne School of Rural Health, Graham St, Shepparton 1st Monday of every month, 11am-2pm

1.3.2. Lifestyle Kyabram Library and Community Hub 19 Lake Rd, Kyabram Kyabram Community & Learning Centre Inc. 21-25 Lake Road, Kyabram Kyabram Sports & Entertainment Centre 408 Allan St, Kyabram

1.3.3. Childcare/After-school care Aussie Kindies Early Learning Kyabram 28 Unwin St, Kyabram

1.3.4. Transport Victorian Patient Transport Assistance Scheme (VPTAS) KDHS Transport Service

1.3.5. Helpline Kidney Health Australia Support Service 1800 454 363

1.3.6. Aged Care Sheridan Aged Care 96 Fenaughty St, Kyabram Warramunda Village Hostel Warramunda Dr, Kyabram

1.4. Complementary and Alternative Medicines

1.4.1. Available in Kyabram Meditation, guided imagery, deep breathing exercises Quiet Mind Meditation Group, Kyabram Kyabram Community & Learning Centre Inc. 21 - 25 Lake Road, Kyabram Acupuncture Marie C. Asselin - Acupuncture 131 Allan St, Kyabram Massage Yoga Infinity Health Club 193 Fenaughty St, Kyabram Hypnotherapy NHT Therapies 144 Allan St, Kyabram Bowen Therapy Botech Bowen Therapy 12 Unwin St, Kyabram Tai Chi Tai Chi for all Ages Kyabram Community & Learning Centre Inc. 21 - 25 Lake Road, Kyabram

1.4.2. Not available in Kyabram Herbal supplements Naturopath Natremed Pty Ltd 45 Skene St, Shepparton Homeopath Ayurveda Ayurasa 31 Bath Lane, Bendigo Moxibustion (heat treatments) Essential Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine 307 High St, Echuca

2. Social worker

3. Clinical services

3.1. Request

3.1.1. Tests Echuca Regional Health 226 Service St, Echuca 8:45am-5pm Mon-Sun Echocardiogram (not available in Kyabram) MRI (not available in Kyabram) St John of God Pathology Lab 98 Fenaughty St, Kyabram 8am-5pm Mon-Fri 100am-12pm Sat Urinalysis Blood tests KDHS 8:30am-5pm Mon-Fri 9am-1pm Sat CT scan

3.2. Refer

3.2.1. Specialists Dr Peter McClelland Nephrologist Shepparton Private Hospital Kidney Replacement Therapy Mr Tony Jackson Cardiologist KDSH (consultation only) Dr Salvatore Rametta Cardiologist Shepparton Private Hospital Telehealth

3.3. Recommend

3.3.1. Allied health Offered at KDHS 88 Fenaughty St, Kyabram 8:30am-4:30pm Mon-Fri Occupational therapist Physiotherapy (weekdays) Dietitian Counselling/Social worker Not offered at KDHS Psychologist Pharmacy

3.3.2. District Nursing Service (based at KDHS) Medication supervision Wound care management (particularly after surgery) Monitoring and support of people with chronic illness Nursing care following hospital discharge Assessment and referral to other service providers

3.3.3. Immunisation (available from GP) Hepatitis B Influenza Pneumococcal

4. Unfortunately, Craig will have to travel to Melbourne if he wishes to undergo transplant surgery as St Vincent's Hosp has the closest transplant surgeon available

5. Craig Rosoff, a 38 yo male resident of Kyabram, has recently been diagnosed with Stage-IV kidney disease, despite showing no previous symptoms. He is married with two children and is a truck driver by trade. He suffers chronic back pain and it is believed that his long-term use of analgesics to overcome the pain has resulted in his chronic kidney disease.