13TH AFFILIATE Q&A WEBINAR (August 16, 2017)

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13TH AFFILIATE Q&A WEBINAR (August 16, 2017) by Mind Map: 13TH AFFILIATE Q&A WEBINAR (August 16, 2017)

1. CheckLists

1.1. Improves your focus & productivity and keeps you organized.

1.1.1. Steps for Getting Your Email Swipes: Go to the WebinarJam Grand Opening http://jv.genndi.com Scroll down to the PROMOTIONAL TOOLS section. Follow the specific instructions Click the AFFILIATE SIGN UP button Click I ACCEPT. Then, click ACCESS YOUR ACCOUNT If you already have a Kartra Account, you will be logged into your Kartra Account. If not, you will need to create a Kartra Account In your Kartra Account, go to your MY AFFILIATE PROMOS tab You will see all the products (shown as icons) you can promote at the top. Scroll through these icons until you will find the product that only says WEBINARJAM. Click it. Click the MY LINKS at the left. Click YOUR AFFILIATE LINK. Specifically for the 2-week Launch, copy the PRODUCT INDEX PAGE link Return to Affiliate Page. Paste your Product Index Page link on the box at Step 3. Scroll down to the Emails Copy your email swipes and optimize

1.1.2. Google Keep Get it for free

1.2. Joseph's sample checklist: Promoting The All New WebinarJam EASILY

1.2.1. Click on the arrow

2. The All New WebinarJam

2.1. Tier 2 links

2.1.1. Provide to community leaders You receive 10% commission on every sale They will be able to promote WebinarJam, EverWebinar & Kartra and receive commission too. Give them your JV Broker link to sign up

2.1.2. Also called the JV Broker Link

2.2. Official Launch of All New WebinarJam

2.2.1. Grand Opening of the All New WebinarJam Promotional Calendar Watch out for the 6 "Did You Know" videos It will be Andy Jenkins on camera Funny videos Presents new features Go NOW to: WebinarJam Grand Opening

2.2.2. August 14 - September 1 On Sep 1st, the special offer (bonus package) will end. Current WebinarJam owners will have free access to the beta version on the first week of August. They will have access to the All New WebinarJam by August 14. Prizes for Top Affiliates during the 2-week promotional period. MacBook Pro Samsung 55-Inch Smart LED TV Halo Rover Hoverboard 10-pack of massages at Massage Envy Amazon Echo Show


3.1. JV and Affiliate Support Page

3.1.1. https://jv.genndi.com/support

3.2. Facebook Page

3.2.1. Click on the arrow

3.2.2. Our entire partnership team looks at this Facebook Page

3.3. Send us an email

3.3.1. [email protected]

3.4. Donna Fox

3.4.1. Marketing Director

3.4.2. Self-appointed Customer Advocate

4. Webinar Replay

4.1. Click on the arrow

5. Collaborate with us!

5.1. Please send your ideas, content, and topics you want to be discussed in the Q&A Webinars

5.1.1. Send us your inquiries or thoughts on our Facebook page Click on the arrow

5.2. Connect with me on LIVE our next weekly Wednesday Affiliate Q&A Webinars

6. Answers to Affiliates' Questions during Q&A

6.1. There is a WebinarJam + EverWebinar Combo Promo

6.1.1. Affiliate will still get the same commission for the WebinarJam sale. No commission on the EverWebinar sale since the Combo Promo is discounted.

6.2. Existing customers of WebinarJam will recieve an automatic and free update to the new version.

6.2.1. This free update does not include the premium broadcasting options i.e. JamCast, Facebook Live, etc. There is a link in your WebinarJam account to avail of these premium broadcasting options.

6.3. You can have a strategy to send a unique Email Sequence for Attendees in your webinar who leave early.

6.3.1. Our Recommendation: About the 40-minute mark, do a trial close. Add a tag here for those Attendees who left the webinar before the mark. Trigger an Email Sequence for this specific audience in your preferred Autoresponder.

6.3.2. Note: You can also do a simple, direct email sequence through the Notification Features of WebinarJam. All this linking/triggers happens when you setup your autoresponder integrations in your WebinarJam account for that specific Webinar. IF THEN automation The tags correspond to the room counts which are set in 5-minute intervals.

6.4. It is the last referrer that gets the cookie.

6.4.1. This is an eternal debate in affiliate marketing.

6.4.2. In Genesis Digital, we give incentive to the affiliate who actually brings the customer to buy WebinarJam or our other products.

6.5. There is no Spanish translation of the Email Swipes, yet.

6.6. Commission structure and payout strategies are the same during and after the launch.

6.6.1. Payouts are usually released on the 18th or 19th of each month after the 30-day guarantee of the purchase has lapsed.

6.6.2. Affiliates are paid commission only during the first year of each product purchase.

6.6.3. Cookies are used to track an Affiliate's audience. They live eternally in the computer or mobile of the Affiliate's audience. When your audience makes a purchase, you get commission. An exception is created when your audience makes a purchase and becomes an existing customer.

6.6.4. You will not get a commission when you purchase using your own affiliate link.

6.7. FAQ: Several Affiliates had questions:

6.7.1. The link in this email seems different than the one I get from Kartra account. Which one should I use? Either link is OKAY to use. The one in this email is dynamically generated.

6.7.2. I see multiple swipe message options to choose from for certain days of the promotion. Which one is right for my list? Choose either of the two that best engage your list personally. Feel free to customize them with your own authentic flavor. Want further insights? Join us on next Wednesday’s Affiliate Q&A call at 2pm Pacific.

7. For next Wednesday's Q&A Call

7.1. Click on the arrow

7.2. Get access to Marc Harty's affiliate marketing press release template

7.3. learn top traffic strategies

7.3.1. how to get more eyes on your affilaite offers