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Sadie by Mind Map: Sadie

1. Working with the Elderly

1.1. AASW Code Of Ethics

1.2. Best Practice in Aged Care: - Jill Wilson - Cheryl Tilse - Maree Peterson

1.3. QLD Health Policy, Directives Legislation? Courts?

2. Cultural

2.1. Aged Care attitudes in Australia

3. Family

3.1. Who is making decisions?

3.2. Family Resources

4. Capacity

4.1. Does Sadie have Capacity? What needs to happen in order for her capacity to be established?

4.2. Can Sadie care for Bert?

5. Social Work Values

5.1. AASW

5.2. Human Rights Social Justice Dignity Respect Self Determination

5.3. Framework

5.3.1. Theories Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Erikson's Developmental Stages Family Systems Theory Ecological Systems Theory Critical Theory Anti-Opressive Practice Strength-based approach Grief and Loss Trauma-informed Practice Solution-focused

6. Health

6.1. Physical Health

6.1.1. Falls Motor Skills General Physical Function

6.2. Emotional Heath and Wellbeing

6.2.1. How will this be Established and Acted on

6.2.2. Social Work to Advocate - Our Values - Scope of our role ie. Psychosocial Support and how this is different to other Allied Health workiers

6.3. Cognition

6.3.1. QCAT

6.4. The Social Determinants of Health

7. Organisational Context

7.1. Working in a MDT - Issues - Benefits

7.1.1. Managing medical teams expectations

7.2. Hospital SW means working from a Medical Model - potential clashes with AASW

7.3. Who makes the final decisions? - Consultant - Hospital Policy and Guidelines

7.4. Other Agency/Services involved?

8. Structural

8.1. Ecological Systems Theory

8.2. Ageism

8.2.1. How older people are treated/constructed in Society

8.3. Critical Theory

8.3.1. Challenging why things are the way they are

9. Home/Environment

9.1. A Persons environment = Very important for psychosocial wellbeing

9.2. Practical Issues around safety and access

9.2.1. Other Stakeholders: The Council

9.2.2. The hospital may want to discharge into safe home

10. Financial/Legal

10.1. Capacity of Sadie

10.1.1. QCAT Who get's the final say, how to appeal decisions

10.1.2. Self Determination

10.2. Financial Abuse

10.2.1. Option of guardian to manage finances

10.2.2. Legal advice for the protection and management of assets

10.2.3. Will there be legal/criminal ramifications for those involved?

10.3. Anti-Opressive Practice

11. Ethical Dilemmas

11.1. Worker's attitudes, beliefs

11.2. Who is the client?

11.3. What is the scope of my role?

11.4. Self Determination

11.4.1. Possible Financial/elder abuse?

11.5. Power

11.5.1. Working with marginalised groups, how do I mitigate the effects of the power imbalance

11.6. Potentially working with the perpetrators of Abuse

11.7. Time constraints of Hospital Social Work