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1. Present perfect

1.1. Looks back from now

1.1.1. Subject + auxiliary verb (to have) + "been" + verb + ing. They have,been talking for three hours

2. Past perfect

2.1. When something happened before a specific time in the past and when something happened before another action in the past

2.1.1. [had+past participle] Diana had eaten an apple before she went to the GYM

3. Past perfect continuous

3.1. We use past perfect continuous to expres how log was an action was in progress .The duration does not continue until now , it stops before something else in the past

3.1.1. [had been+present participle] I had been cooking for two hours then, he arrived

4. Future perfect

4.1. When an action is going to be finished

4.1.1. "WILL" [will have+past participle] "BE GOING TO" [am/is/are+going to have+past participle] WILL: She will have arrived by the next two hours

5. Future perfect continuous

5.1. We use it to talk about how log an action will have been in progress before a given time

5.1.1. "WILL" [will have been+present participle] "BE GOING TO" [am/is/are+going to have+present participle] WILL: He will have been coming for 6 months to study

6. Present perfect continuous

6.1. When you talk about something that stared in the past and is continuos

6.1.1. [has/have+been+present participle] I have been studied a lot recently

7. Describes not to the time of an event, but the speaker's perspective