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animals by Mind Map: animals

1. pets

1.1. what is the most common animal people keep as a pet ?

1.1.1. dogs and cats most common easy to get and i would say the easiest to care for

1.1.2. ferrets or other rodents such as mice or gerbils

1.1.3. reptiles such as snakes and lizards

1.1.4. different species of fish freshwater/saltwater

1.1.5. birds

1.2. can people keep wild animals as pets ?

1.2.1. if so what is the most common ? rabbits, mice, hedgehogs, squirrels, rats

1.3. why do we keep animals as pets ?

1.3.1. are they happier as pets or in the wild living free ? endless supply of food attention/love warm/cool place to sleep

2. species

2.1. how many different types of species are there in the us ?

2.1.1. Are species classified by certain names?

2.2. how many different types of species are there in the world ?

2.2.1. Are any of these species endangered? amur leopard, black rhino, black river gorilla so many different species are endangered

2.3. are there species of animals that we don't know about ?

2.3.1. can these animals be homed by humans? not if we don't know about them

3. animal testing

3.1. what kinds of things do people test on animals ?

3.1.1. cosmetics

3.1.2. condoms

3.1.3. kleenex

3.1.4. bandaids

3.1.5. iams pet food

3.1.6. vaseline

3.2. can some of these things kill animals or just harm them ?

3.2.1. are there ways we can prevent from harming the animals ? go cruelty free, stop testing products on animals

3.3. what is the most dangerous animal testing that people do on animals ?

3.3.1. It is known to harm their well being and can possibly kill the animals

4. animal abuse

4.1. what are the most common animals that get abused ?

4.1.1. dogs, cats, chickens

4.2. why do people abuse animals ?

4.2.1. does it make them feel better about themselves ? do they do it out of anger ? both, they do it if the animal makes them mad or when they have a rough day they take it out on there pets

4.3. can we prevent animals getting abused ?

4.3.1. how ? will it be effective or is it effective ? i think very effective, we would have less animals in animal hospitals or vets

5. adaptations of animal species

5.1. can all animals adapt to different places ?

5.1.1. do animals have special characteristics that help them adapt to their environment ? yes how long their tales are how big there ears are ect.

5.2. how do animals adapt ?

5.2.1. does sense in smell play a factor in this ? yes a very big role also what they eat and the weather in the place they are trying to adapt to

5.3. do animals have to adapt to living inside if they come from outside ?

5.3.1. is it better to allow the animal to be inside and outside animals ? inside because they avoid fleas/ticks or other harmful things but is good to let your animals out occasionally

6. animal shelters

6.1. are they clean and safe for animals ?

6.1.1. how can they make animals shelters the safest they can be ? provide healthy, clean and spacial areas to help make the animals feel comfortable.

6.2. do they have enough supplies for all the animals ?

6.2.1. supplies are constantly donated to animal shelters around the world

6.3. what happens to the animals in animal shelters ?

6.3.1. why do they make adoption fees so expensive if they want to give animals good homes ? not everybody has the money but could give a good loving home

6.4. how do the animals end up in animal shelters ?

6.4.1. how could they prevent animals from ending up on the streets or in animal shelters ? if somebody's pet runs away and ends up in a shelter will they give it back to you if you come looking for it ? yes but sometimes they make you pay a fee

6.5. are there certain animals that animal shelters can not take in ?

6.5.1. what are those animals ?

6.5.2. why can they not take them in ? animal shelters are really not supposed to turn down any kind of animal that needs care

6.5.3. could they update the shelters so they COULD take those animals ?

7. wild animals

7.1. are there more pets than there are wild animals ?

7.1.1. can wild animals become pets ? is it a safe idea ? some people are known to have monkeys, tigers and other animals as pets

7.2. why do some pets become wild animals ?

7.2.1. can these animals learn to protect themselves in the wild ? most animals have the ability of learning to fight predators, but it's whether they win or not is the true answer

8. endangered species

8.1. why do animals become endangered ?

8.1.1. how can we avoid this from happening ? set up prevention presentations and show it around the world. spread the world out to everyone

8.2. are there specific people that protect the endangered species ?

8.2.1. who are these people ? zookeepers, wildlife reserves, animal shelter workers

8.3. can they produce more of the animal so it doesn't go extinct ?

8.3.1. if they can , can they protect them after ? the best way to protect endangered animals is to protect the place in witch they live

9. laws pertaining to animals

9.1. what is the most common law pertaining to animals ?

9.1.1. Is this law in affect today? yes

9.2. why are there animal laws ?

9.2.1. to protect and serve the animals to make sure they don't get harmed

9.3. who makes sure that people are following these laws ? are there specific people that do this job ?

9.3.1. are there wildlife people that kind of fit the cop role but for animals ? the pound ?