MD216 Integumentary and Musculoskeletal System

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MD216 Integumentary and Musculoskeletal System by Mind Map: MD216 Integumentary and Musculoskeletal System

1. Osteology

2. Arthrology

2.1. Classification

2.1.1. Fibrous Suture Plane Suture Serrate Suture Squamous Suture Gomphosis Periodantal Membrane Syndesmosis Intermediate Radio-Ulnar Joint

2.1.2. Cartilagenous Synchondrosis Epiphysial Cartilage 1st Sternocostal Joint Symphysis Pubic Symphysis Manubriosternal Joint Vertebra-Body Joint

2.1.3. Synovial Plane (Gliding) Type Hinge Type Elbow Joint Knee Joint Transverse Axis Movement Pivot Type Medial Atlanto-Axial Joint Rotation Movement Ball and Socket Type Shoulder jt. Hip jt. 3-axis Movement Circumduction Movement Saddle Type 1st Carpometacarpal jt. Condyloid Type Metacarpo-Phalangeal jt. Ellipsoid Type Wrist Joint

3. Dermatology

3.1. Appearance

3.2. Type

3.2.1. Thick Skin

3.2.2. Thin Skin

3.3. Structure

3.3.1. Epidermis (Cuticle) Layers Stratum Basale S. Spinosum S. Granulosum S. Lucidum S. Corneum Cells Keratonocytes Melanocytes Langerhans Cell Merkel Cell

3.3.2. Dermis Layers Papillary Layer Reticular Layer Junction Epidermal Ridge Dermal Papilla Blood Supply Arterio-Venous Anastomosis

3.3.3. Subcutaneous Tissue Langer's Line

3.3.4. Derivatives Hair (Pilus) Hair Root Hair Follicle Arrector Pili Muscle Nail Sebaceous Gland Sebaceous Cysts Sebum Sweat Gland Merocrine Apocrine Modified

3.4. Clinical Application