Food Truck Venture

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Food Truck Venture by Mind Map: Food Truck Venture

1. Equipment needed

1.1. What is needed to open and run day to day business?

1.2. Who will run it?

1.3. What's supplies do you need?

2. Sale projection

2.1. Goal dates

2.2. New node

2.3. Fiscal tracking

2.4. Monthly cost

2.5. Initial start up cost

2.6. Do you want an investor?

3. Truck rental vs. purchase

3.1. Pros vs. cons

3.1.1. What is feasible ?

3.1.2. What lease options are avail

3.1.3. How much does it cost?

3.1.4. Which style of truck is appropriate ?

4. Business insurance

5. What's your bottom line with this business venture?

6. Food Truck business

6.1. Why do you want to use a food truck instead of traditional restaurant?

6.2. What's the advantage and disadvantage of a truck compared to a restaurant?

7. Menu

7.1. What items are for sale

7.2. How many items will we start with

7.3. What will be our featured product

8. License & inspection

8.1. Where do I obtain it ?

8.2. How much will it cost?

9. Copy rights & trademark for business

9.1. Where do I get one?

9.2. What fees are associated ?

9.3. How often if ever is there a need for a renewal ?

10. Customer relations

10.1. Who is the customer?

10.2. Who is your target market?

10.3. How do you plan on reaching them ?

11. New node

12. Marketing

12.1. What tactics?

12.2. What's the projection budget for marketing

12.3. What tools will you use? i.e.. social media, print or radio..