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Apartheid by Mind Map: Apartheid

1. 1948

1.1. National Party gained power

1.1.1. Started apratheid The nonwhite were seperated from the white by living in other urban areas

2. segratations laws

3. 1950

3.1. Apartheid became law

3.1.1. The government banned marriages between blak and white and other races

3.1.2. The non-white had to carry documents authorizing their present in the white area

3.1.3. The government established separate public facilities to keep separate the back and white

3.2. 1953

3.2.1. they increased the penalties of protesting against or supporting the repal of a law

4. 1994

4.1. First eliction

4.1.1. Neilson M

5. Nelson mandela

5.1. ANC

5.1.1. ANC: ANC was the African National Congress. It was founded in 1912. It was a political party that fought for black rights. Nelson Mandela was the leader of ANC. But after a while, Nelson Mandela started being the leader of the army wing of ANC, and the government did not like that. He was then put in jail for 27 years at Robin Island, which is a former "spedalskheds" island. It was an island for political criminals. nelson mandela was president for 4 years