Social Science Standards

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Social Science Standards by Mind Map: Social Science Standards

1. Content

1.1. # content - students will show mastery of essential content specific to the subject being studied

1.1.1. 1. students will show accuracy of detail

1.1.2. 2. students will place content in appropriate contexts

1.1.3. 3. students will show both depth and breadth of content understanding

2. Communication Skills

2.1. 1. students will present arguments, reasoning, and support in a manner consistent with the accepted standards of the discipline and method of communication

2.2. 2. students will use language correctly and demonstrate and understanding of the power of language

2.3. 3. students will choose the best method of communication for the chosen argument and show an understanding of the audience

3. Critical/Creative Thinking

3.1. 1. students will draw inferences from the content using recognized critical frameworks

3.2. 2. students will apply different viewpoints to analyze content to challenge prior understandings and ideas

3.3. 3. students will apply various critical frameworks to interpret/analyze the unfamiliar

3.4. 4. students will synthesize viewpoints to solve problems, answer questions, reach new understandings

3.5. 5. students will construct logical, defensible, worthy arguments to support analyses and sytheses

4. Community/Character

4.1. 1. students will recognize the possibility of a greater good

4.2. 2. students will respect opinions that differ from theirs

4.3. 3. students will conduct all studies with honesty and integrity

4.4. 4. students will show respect for the learning process, the learning community, and themselves as a learner