Surface Processes

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Surface Processes by Mind Map: Surface Processes

1. Soil Erosion

1.1. Causes

1.1.1. Kaingin Farming

1.1.2. Logging

1.1.3. Infrastructure Projects

1.1.4. Mining

1.1.5. Overgrazing

1.2. Methods on how to control

1.2.1. Rehabilitative method Vegetative method Cover cropping Strip cropping Contour tillage Terracing Mechanical method Riprapping Farm Ponds

1.2.2. Preventive method

1.3. Agents of erosion

1.3.1. Streams Transportation in solution in suspension scooting Deposition Floods Shoreline Erosion

1.3.2. Glaciers Types Valley/Alpine Glaciers Ice Sheets Ice Caps Piedmont Glaciers Mountain Glaciers Cirque Glaciers Hanging Glaciers Tidewater Glaciers

2. Weathering

2.1. Physical Weathering

2.1.1. Happens when rocks break up into tiny pieces without a change in their composition. Frost Wedging Pressure-release Abrasion Organic Activity Thermal expansion and contraction

2.2. Mechanical Weathering

2.2.1. Happens when rocks break down into tiny pieces and change rock's composition or internal structure of minerals. Dissolution Hydrolysis Oxidation

3. Mass Wasting

3.1. Factors that may trigger mass wasting

3.1.1. Water

3.1.2. Over steepened Slopes

3.1.3. Vegetation Removal

3.1.4. Earthquakes

3.2. Type of Material

3.2.1. debris, mud, earth

3.2.2. rock

3.3. Type of Motion

3.3.1. fall

3.3.2. slide

3.3.3. flow

3.4. Rate of Movement

3.4.1. fast movements slump rockslide debris flow earth flow

3.4.2. slow movements creep solifluction