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Rhetoric by Mind Map: Rhetoric

1. Figurative language is words that use expressions with meaning. All of these topics have something in common

2. Breaks down a story into parts and explains how parts work together to create a certain effect. Tone and Structure help create a story.

3. Rhetorical appeals are three elements to the art of persuasion

4. Exigence is and issue or problem and all this terms relate to that definition

5. Rhetoric Situation

5.1. Speaker

5.2. Context

6. Exigence

6.1. Situation

6.2. Purpose

6.3. Reasoning

7. Rhetoric Appeals

7.1. Pathos

7.2. Ethos

7.3. Logos

7.4. Audiece

8. Rhetorical Analysis

8.1. Tone

8.2. Structure/form

9. Figurative Language

9.1. Syntax

9.2. Diction

9.3. Imagery