Extinction of Bees

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Extinction of Bees by Mind Map: Extinction of Bees

1. What would happen if bees went extinct?

2. 10 Things That Would Happen if Bees Died Out - Toptenz.net

3. What's killing the bees? TIME magazine examines the crisis

4. Atmosphere

4.1. Decrease in CO2 in the atmosphere can cause plants to die off.

4.1.1. Weather Patterns may change with decrease in "wings" moving the air.

5. Links

5.1. Question Your World: Why Are Bees An Endangered Species?

6. Hydrosphere/Cryosphere

6.1. Water provides a clean source of nutrients for plants. Allowing the plants to stay healthy and create pollen for the bees to pollinate. If their wasn't plants the bees wouldn't have a job in the world.

7. Geosphere

7.1. If there were no plants growing in the Geosphere the land would not be fertile and it would decrease erosion which would change the way our Earth looked dramatically.

8. Biosphere- Main Sphere

8.1. The biosphere would not survive without bees. Bees pollinate plants, which provides food for humans and livestock. Humans also consume the livestock, which will lead to more food shortages and starvation.

8.1.1. Bees are responsible for about $30 billion a year in crops. They support the production of at least 90 different crops in the US.

8.2. In China they have already had to resort to hand pollinating due to their shortage of bees. Although this is not nearly as efficient as pollination by bees.

8.2.1. It will be very difficult to maintain our current population in the world if bees start to die out. There would be extreme food shortages and availability and prices of food will change dramatically.

9. Why are bees endangered?

9.1. Bees are being killed by pesticides along with the Verroa mite which kills the colonies, spreading diseases.

9.1.1. Along with the pesticides and mites, we are killing the bees by not providing enough pollen for them to pollinate, causing them to starve to death.

9.2. Global warming is also a factor in the death of bees because they cannot fully acclimate to the rising temperatures.

10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GqA42M4RtxE&t=313s