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D.E.C.I.D.E by Mind Map: D.E.C.I.D.E

1. Define the Problem:

1.1. Consider the decision you are facing and state the issue clearly. Is it important enough to warrant using DECIDE?

1.1.1. It is quite important because this can be an event that changes my life.

2. Scenario:

2.1. Your friend/s ask you to sneak out to go to a party

3. Explore the Alternatives:

3.1. Make a list of possible alternatives for solving your problem. If you need more information to fully understand the problem or any of the alternatives, do the research now.

3.1.1. Ignore the invite

3.1.2. Sneak out and go to the party

3.1.3. Ask my parent/guardian to see if I can go

3.1.4. Politely decline the invitation and not attend

4. Consider the Consequences:

4.1. One by one, think through what might happen if you were to choose each alternative on your list. Be sure to do the following: Include both positive and negative results. Consider what probably would happen, not what you hope would happen. Ask yourself … how risky is each alternative? What are its chances of success? How would it affect my future? How would it affect others?

4.1.1. Ignore the invite I may come off as rude to my friends. Additionally, I would miss that party!

4.1.2. Sneak out and go to the party I would make new friends and possibly strengthen relationships. If I get caught, however, my parent/guardian would punish me very severely.

4.1.3. Ask my parent/guardian to see if I can go If my parent agrees, I can go the party. If they don't, I'll politely decline. My friends might be sad if I missed the party though.

4.1.4. Politely decline the invitation and not attend I would miss out that party, but maybe I would study instead. My friends might be sad if I missed the party.

5. Decide and Act:

5.1. Use the information you have collected to compare the alternatives. Decide which one is best for you. Remember, sometimes there is more than one ‘right’ choice. Make a plan to act on your decision. You may need to break the plan into smaller steps. Set realistic deadlines for each step and then follow through with your plan.

5.1.1. Ask my parent/guardian to see if I can go Plan: 1. Figure out the time/place of the party 2. Check to see if it interferes with anything else. (For example, if I had a huge test tomorrow, I would study instead of going to the party) 3. Ask parent/guardian for permission.

6. Evaluate the Results:

6.1. Sometime after you have put your decision into effect, take some time to review it. How did your decision work out? How has it affected your life? How has it affected others? What did you learn? If you could do it over again, what would you do differently?

6.1.1. I think my decision worked out fine! I think my decision definitely affected my life because by asking my parents/guardian for permission, I would have avoided a lot of conflict. It sort of re-enforces a bond between my parent/guardian because when I ask them for permission, it shows that they are the authoritarian figure. Additionally, if I do end up going to that party, I would be able to strengthen friendships and have a great time. If I could do this again differently. I would maybe try to ask my parents ahead of time or something.