Decide Map:Your friend/s ask you to sneak out to go to a party

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Decide Map:Your friend/s ask you to sneak out to go to a party by Mind Map: Decide Map:Your friend/s ask you to sneak out to go to a party

1. Identify your Values: If you value trust between your parents and honesty then do not go. Your parents could trust you dearly and if you break there trust by going out to a party, then they may never let you go out alone. But also if your friends expect you to always be by there side then you have to make a choice, honesty or loyalty. I wouldn't go because I can't break a trust with my parents.

2. Decide and Act: For this section you have to decide if you want to go or not, decide what you think is right or wrong. If you think that going in secret behind your parents back is the right idea then act on it and go. If you think that it is wrong and you should leave your friend to go alone, then act on it and don't go. I reccomend not going because your parents are life long and if they don't trust you to do your own thing then you won't be able to grow up.

3. Evaluate the Results: Lets say you choose to go to the party then you must evaluate your results. So you get back and think, do you think that you made the right choice or not. If you go back and choose not to go then think did you make the right choice or not?

4. Define the problem: This problem is that it could get you in a lot of trouble, and that if you don't go your friends may be upset

5. Explore the Alternatives: You could promise your friends that you will have fun with them another time and not go, you could tell your parents and ask what to do, or you could just say no. Or you could go hoping no one finds out.

6. Consider the Consequences: If you don't follow through with your promise then your friendship could end, but if you do then everything worked out ok. Your parents could get upset at your friends, or they could be happy you asked. If you say no your friends could get upset or learn that they shouldn't as well. And if you go you could have a fun time but also get in a lot of trouble.