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Tellio's Vision Statement by Mind Map: Tellio's Vision Statement
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Tellio's Vision Statement

New Node

New Node

Mentoring Map

They say

Clay Shirky

Kevin Kelly

George Siemens

Nichlolas Taleb

Benjamin Zander

Randy Pausch

I say

The receding goalposts

vision recursion

Not tools, but vision

George Siemens argues that it is connectivism that will guide our use of tools.

Argument against vision statements

why not a smell?

the crayon box

why not a taste?

why not a texture?

why not a sound?

Meta tool

Tech. is a meta tool, a universal recursive wrench. My vision is, penultimately, to discover and rediscover what my vision is.  Technology is the medium for playing this game. And I say 'penultimate' because while we are always the last word in our own life's story we also must die and pass on the game to others.  Our death is the last idea.  With it we take our silence.  But our vision both lived and recorded is what carries on.  Technology is what enables our ideas to not only survive but to evolve.  So I argue against vision statements because if you have had your last one you are either dead or a zombie.  The infinite game that James Carse talks about is one of "play and possibility".  If so, then like the technology that serves and drives it, vision must also morph like Proteus.

The Last Paragraph

Technology want to be

just like any creature, ideas evolve. Richard Dawkins says that even genes want something--the want to survive.   So as KK asks, "What does technology want?"

New node

Ubiquitous in access

Diverse/open in its expression

a choice of tools that reflects the biological urge toward diversity

Connected and connecting


Reflecting complexity

We don't want the bed of Procrustes that we now have where we all have to lay down in the same bed and conform to its quirks  

My Geistesblitzes

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