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the BG by Mind Map: the BG

1. Roles

1.1. Web Developer

1.1.1. Drupal Learning Group - the DruPALS Advisors AD Learners CG HJ AM DG B CE

1.1.2. Site Construction Architects, Designers, Coders Core Periphery Art & Graphic Design NB CE AS (CSS)

1.2. Mover & Shaker

1.2.1. Floating Library PD AMc CG GM(?)

1.2.2. 100 Spokes from 100 Folks Web / Volunteer Coord CG Bike Aid Financial SA CB

1.2.3. Farmers Market Table JB KB AV LN(?)

1.2.4. Space Hunting Team one CB KB Team two P1 P2

1.2.5. Free School OS AM SP KK FLoL (?)

1.3. Researcher

1.3.1. CG

1.3.2. AR

1.4. Partner

1.4.1. Active OS ToL

1.4.2. Exploring FLoL GTB LETS

1.4.3. Good fit T? Trophy Shop Scope Farmers Mrkt

1.5. Supporter / Funder

1.6. Volunteer

1.7. User

2. Resources

2.1. Berry Boxes

2.1.1. Beta-version placed in low-traffic locations (thinking the trophy shop). Just a drop-box for returning books.

2.1.2. Public-version The full-blown BB would be capable of receiving all manner of goods (things released to commons, returns, donations). Visible to the public, the BB could have signs sticking out from it (or contained in a booklet) that promote current 'projects' that are trying to marshal resources. Names/Numbers are written on an envelop with the $ (or something similar) so, in the event the project doesn't green light, the money can be returned (or - we might ask or there might be an option giving them the choice to just donate it to the BG, or we can establish a 'berry bank', or it can go to a similar project, etc...)

2.2. Web

2.2.1. URLs

2.2.2. Server

2.3. Bumph (explanatory materials)

3. Paradigms

3.1. Ethos

3.1.1. it's easy, it's fun, it's good for everyone.

3.1.2. desire, not central planning or pre-assigned roles, drives participation and collaboration

3.1.3. It's not about what you're good at, it's about all the good that you can help to make happen.

3.1.4. trust

3.2. a different social network.

3.2.1. Not an online community, but a community online

3.2.2. Collaboration & sharing privileged ahead of consumption & possessiveness

3.2.3. A (relative) disprivileging of the ego

3.2.4. Pledge / Threshold catalysts

3.2.5. Alerts/appeals model is less personally exhausing (less info-overload) than an invite/requests model

3.2.6. Local like a plant, but is plantable in any locale (the project can be seeded and reworked in other places).

3.3. Design philosophies

3.3.1. CG Avoid hardwiring what social convention & human decency can take care of on their own. Anticipate and welcome both vertical (population) and horizontal (functional) scaling. Minimal oversight. Equip community with tools to self-regulate as much as possible (flags, revision histories, freetag & free text 'how it is shared' stipulation, etc.)

4. Floating Library Site Map

4.1. Primary Menu

4.1.1. Beta Wall

4.1.2. Front Page Text (Intro) BG News Recent Activity (center block) Collection(s) Calendar

4.1.3. Profile Displayed fields First name/Last initial Username Avatar picture Self Description Projects (following, contributing) Contact info Location Zone Interests (Tags) Collection Comments Hidden fields postalcode SID

4.1.4. Collection Add to Inventory View Inventory Content Types (Collections Categories) Books Video Music Games & Toys Tools Sports Eqp Catering Supplies Art Supplies Childcare equipment Transportation Spaces *more as launched, or est. a restrained (auto-correct) free tag sys. Item status Available (Visable) Avilable (Invisable) Unavilable (Visable) Unavailable (Invisable) Terms of Exchange Borrow Release to the commons

4.1.5. Ideas/Projects Project Title Description Tags Follow Comments Inventory (have/need) Appeal Timeline Kickstarter Idea

4.1.6. Free School Free Classes On-going Ideas Proposed Archived Free Schools

4.1.7. Arts & Recreation Media Library

4.1.8. Berry Grounds Junction (discussion/blogs/events+calendar/linksharing)

4.2. Secondary Menu

4.2.1. Settings

4.2.2. About/Help Ideas / Projects Tasks Discussion What is needed (Appeals) General fundraising Itemized appeals (material/tasks/skills/volunteers/$$$)

4.2.3. Invite

4.2.4. Signout

4.3. Panels

4.3.1. Header logo/Front Page Link

4.3.2. Left Panel (?) Sign-in (beta-wall) Quick Add? Media player? user-selected widgets?

4.3.3. Right Panel What is Needed Block (project appeals) Recent Activity Block (main=exception) Recommended/Related Content

4.3.4. Footer contact admins get involved

5. Parking lot of ideas

5.1. Geotag integration

5.1.1. events/projects

5.1.2. geotagging for all nodes (user's choice)

5.1.3. geolocation for (node converted) geotags (i.e. Georgestown, downtown, etc.)

5.1.4. community map (w/ picture+comment capacity)

5.2. Berry Grounds' media player

5.2.1. customizable playlists

5.2.2. free current local music

5.2.3. archived out-of-print local music

5.3. < 2m animation

5.4. Cross-traffic & cross-platform partnerships

5.4.1. Scope Calendar (?)

5.4.2. Goodtimesblog (?)

5.4.3. Freecycle RSS Feed (very doable)