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software by Mind Map: software

1. type of operating system

1.1. stand alone operating system

1.1.1. complete operating system that works on a desktop computer , notebook computer or mobile device .

1.2. server operating system

1.2.1. designed to support a network

1.3. mobile operating system

1.3.1. operating system reides on a mobile device

2. application software

2.1. application software consists of programs designed to mkae users more productive and assist with personal task .

2.2. types of application software

2.2.1. web browser a software that allows users to access and interact with software from any computer or device that is connected to the internet . eg : proprietary software - internet explorer , safari open source software - mozilla firefox , chrome

2.2.2. word processing a software that allows users to create and manipulate documents eg : proprietary software - microsoft office word , pages ( apple ) open soure software - writer , KWord

2.2.3. spreadsheet spreadsheet software allows users to organize data in rows and columns and perform calculations . eg : proprietary software - microsoft office excel , numbers ( apple ) open soure software - OpenOffice.orgh Calc , KCells

2.2.4. database collection of data organized in a manner that allows access , retrieval and use of that data . eg : proprietary software : microsoft office access , oracle DB open source software : OpenOffice.Org Base , MariaDB

2.2.5. presentation allows user to create visual aids for presentation to communicate ideas , mesagges and other information to a group . eg : prppriery software : Microsoft Office PowerPoint , Keynote ( Apple ) Open Source Software : OpenOffice.Org Impress , Showcase .

3. function of operating system

3.1. start and shutdown a computer

3.1.1. booting of the process starting or restarting a computer . cold boot : power off completely warm boot : restart

3.2. provide a user interface

3.2.1. how you enter data and instruction displayed on the screen .

3.3. manage program

3.3.1. manages multiple programs and proccesses while you use the computer .

3.4. manage memory

3.4.1. optimizes the use of RAM

3.5. establish an internet connection

3.5.1. OS establish internet connection

3.6. monitor perfomance

3.6.1. assesses and reports information about various computer resources and devices .

3.7. control a network

3.7.1. OS are designed to work with a server on a network

4. categories software

4.1. open source software

4.1.1. freely

4.2. proprietary software

4.2.1. license / paid

5. type of system software

5.1. operating system

5.1.1. an operating system (os) is set of programs containing instructions that work together to coordinate all the activities among computer hardware resources .

5.1.2. types of OS stand alone OS server OS mobile OS

5.2. utility program

5.2.1. a type of system software that allows a user to perform maintenance-type task

5.2.2. types of utility program file manager disk cleanup compression tools anti-virus program spyware remover disk defragmenter backup and restore

6. utility program

6.1. file manager

6.1.1. provide routine file management task

6.2. disk cleanup

6.2.1. searches and removes unnecessary files

6.3. compression tools

6.3.1. shrinks the size of a files

6.4. anti-virus program

6.4.1. identifying and removing any viruses

6.5. spyware remover

6.5.1. detects and deletes spyware

6.6. disk defragmeter