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Snakes by Mind Map: Snakes

1. how to take care of them

1.1. all the requirements you need such as having to but them food, have big enough tanks for the, have temperature settings and more

1.1.1. digit photo and info graph to show what each thing looks like and explaining why you need it and what they each do for the snake

2. about me

2.1. attends arizona state university and owns a ball python talking about what made me get one and why you should

2.1.1. digital photo and logo to get an idea of who I am

3. contact us

3.1. information regarding where, how, and when to get a snake from us also requesting information about yourself

3.1.1. graphic design and QR codes makes it easier for reader to quickly contact us or share with a friend

4. why a ball python

4.1. talking about why its best to get a ball python as a first out stating snake

4.1.1. videos and animations can show the feel of having a ball python and what it is about them that makes them so great

5. pros and cons

5.1. talking about what there is to expect when having one like how big they get, how long they last, what to feed them, not getting attached but also a few positives

5.1.1. info graphics will show the data shown about the pros and cons making it neat and organized

6. home paige

6.1. explaining what the website is about and pictures of ball pythons

6.1.1. digital editing photo and logos will have the reader get the idea of what the website is about and what our logo looks like and is about

7. incite and reviews

7.1. people commenting and uploading how they love their snake and review on them

7.1.1. google forms will help create this slide for surveys and help people comment easier making it nice and neat for people to read comments

8. snake fun

8.1. online store of what cool things you can buy for your snake

8.1.1. digital photo and social media to show what the object looks like before buying it and to get the word out about what we sell