How do International Events, such as the Olympics impact Canada’s Relationship with other Countries?

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How do International Events, such as the Olympics impact Canada’s Relationship with other Countries? by Mind Map: How do International Events, such as the Olympics impact Canada’s Relationship with other Countries?

1. Guidelines

1.1. Anything goes!

1.2. No criticism or flaming allowed

1.3. The Wilder The Better

1.4. Quantity is Quality

1.5. Set a Time Limit

2. Science

2.1. Climate impacts who participates more depending on the weather patterns in that athletes country of origin - also determines how successful athletes might be in a certain sports or how many people participate in the summer or winter

2.2. How do the structures impact the outcome of the games?

2.3. Places with a lack of resources might not be able to host the games at all (conservation of energy and resources)

2.4. systems in action/organ systems: if people in the hosting country is suffering from a contageous disease the olympics would be affected

2.5. altitude

3. The ARTS

3.1. Media (how do different host countries approach advertising)

3.1.1. How does the media represent certain countries playing sports?

3.1.2. What is the role of Multi-Media in the advertising of the sport?

3.2. Visual

3.2.1. Flags

3.2.2. Fashion - Opening ceremony outfits for each country

3.2.3. Mascots - designed by people from the host country

3.2.4. Architecture of the buildings erected for the games

3.3. Drama and Dance

3.3.1. Mascots

3.3.2. Opening Ceremony - How they open up the Olympic Games

3.3.3. Appreciation for other cultures' dance forms (Canada included Indigenous dances performed)

3.4. Music

3.4.1. National Anthems (when are they played)

3.4.2. Olympic Songs (Canada & the I Believe song)

4. Learning Skills

4.1. How does sports and games help teach Cooperation with Others?

4.2. How are we Setting Goals for Achievement as a country ?

4.3. How are we going to organize ourselves in order to participate in the olympics?

4.4. How is the country responsible for ensuring safety of athletes as well as people attending events?

5. Language Arts Connections

5.1. Get into groups of two and write a report that covers one olympic event of their choice and present it to the class " news reporter style"

5.2. Give an oral or written presentation on their findings

5.3. Look at different media representations of the olympic games

5.3.1. Is there different representations of different matches/games?

5.4. Interactions with people of various language backgrounds (i.e Russian, Chinese, etc.)

6. Math

6.1. financial literacy

6.2. Countries economies

6.3. sports statistics - Considering the past 3 Olympic rankings, who is most likely to win this sport?

6.3.1. graphing

6.3.2. probability

6.4. What impact does the games have on the host county? How does it help the marginalized popluations?

6.5. distance and speed (comparisons)

7. Makerspace and Experiential Learning

7.1. Does the design of an olympic village ensure different groups of people are represented (culturally)

7.2. Arch

8. Social Studies

8.1. When did each country join the olympics

8.2. Where are the countries located where the olympics take place

8.3. how does where the athletes live affect their training, ex. altitude

8.4. When were the olympics cancelled

8.5. How can you relate the cultures of countries included

8.6. What environmental issues can affect the success of the olympics

9. Heath and Phys-ed